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How HBO saved the summer

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With the end of Game of Thrones, and not one good show in sight to go through the summer, things were looking pretty grim for us TV series lovers.

But HBO came to the rescue with two great new series to make us look forward to Sunday nights again!

The Night Of (HBO, Sunday, 9pm)

the night of

Meet your new obsession:  a tense, dark, gripping masterpiece!

The Night Of is not a simple whodunnit, but a slow, tragic tale with mesmerizing actors (John Turtutto is simply perfect) and an attention to details that will  put you at the edge of your seat.

Vice Principals (HBO, Sunday 10:30pm)

vice principals

Two vice principals, one vacant principal position…No holds are barred!

A word of warning: you will not enjoy this show if you’re not a fan of  Danny McBride. But if you are, then get ready for a dark, funny,  politically incorrect, brilliant  comedy… and some fine creative cursing!

If you do not have HBO, you can still watch both series in streaming and download them legally on your PC in seconds with our free VSO Downloader

Watch The Night Of

Watch Vice Principals