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New TV shows, fall 2017

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Every year we anxiously await the new shows that have been picked by networks fort their Fall release. While last year’s lineup was disappointing, this year we’re a little more psyched!

 Check out our TV shows Fall 17 Season selection and let us know which series you’re rooting for!


Deception (ABC)

After one of his stunt goes very wrong and ruins his career, a superstar magician decides to join the FBI.  There, he becomes the world’s first consulting illusionist and practices his art of deception to help solving the most incredible crimes. Sounds interesting enough, sign us in!


The Crossing  (ABC)

Watch that trailer : I dare you not to be intrigued by those bodies of refugees floating to the shore of a small American fishing town ….. refugees that are American and escaping a war set 250 years in the future…. This show looks like a  mysterious cross between Lost and The 4400, and we’ll definitely be watching!



AP Bio (NBC)

After losing out on his dream job, a philosophy scholar ends up teaching biology to high school students. But his honor-roll students won’t be hearing much of biology…. Instead, they will be used to help him plot out revenge on those who wronged him… This comedy is getting our seal of approval!

Sorry for the bad quality trailer, but it’s the only one I could find: https://streamable.com/xlx1h

The Orville (Fox)

This highly anticipated, Star-Trek spoof/sci-fi comedy follows the adventures of the U.S.S. Orville, an aging exploratory ship with a very special fleet of humans and aliens. They will be facing many cosmic challenges outside and on board the ship, with Seth macFarlane serving as an unlikely and untalented starship captain, forced to share the lead with his ex wife.. If you liked Galaxy Quest, you should love The Orville!

Ten Days in the Valley (ABC)

Get ready for this Fall’s most exciting thriller! When the 10 year old daughter of a TV producer (Kyra Sedgwick) goes missing, real life drama becomes intertwined with the fictional police TV show she’s working on….

All these shows will be available for streaming and downloading with our VSO Downloader a few hours after their premiere date!