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What is your dream movie prop?

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If you could own one real item  from your favourite movie, what would it be?  When my friend Ryan from Invaluable asked me this, the light bulb in my brain suddendly turned itself on.

If I could own one movie prop, it would definitely be that one thing that links two of my beloved franchises: Indiana Jones and Star Wars. And there is (to my knowledge) only one such item… During  The Temple of the Doom‘s opening fight scene at Club Obi Wan (THAT NAME!!!)  one of these matchbooks can be seen flying into the air:

Snap463 Snap464


Also, since I’m a Goonies fan, then I would pick anything from the movie. I mean anything: the treasure map, the greek statue that gets “damaged”, Mama Fratelli’s beret hat… Thinking about it,  I would actually pick Chunk’s hawaiian shirt when he does the shuffle truffle:


Also, I would love to own the box of chocolates from Forrest Gump, but  these have certainly gone bad since 1994, so I will settle for the Gump Mao table tennis set:



Look at how Forrest is pictured with the eyes half closed!

Also I could add to my list: the Bride’s sword from Kill Bill (only because I’m not sure I’d wear that yellow tracksuit):


or John Travolta’s comb and hair dryer set from Saturday Night Fever:



And eventhough it would probably end up gathering dust in my garage, I wouldn’t mind owning the BMX Kuwara bike used in E.T.:


And Finally, if I had the $$$ (donations accepted!), the most iconic prop on my list would be one of Charlie Chaplin’s wrenches from Modern Times.


What about you? What movie memorabilia would you like to own?

Share with us your craziest dream object (so no Millenium falcons, please!) in the comment section (up, underneath the post title). The one I like the most will receive a free license for our video conversion software ConvertXtoDVD!

You have until June, 30th!


4 thoughts on “What is your dream movie prop?

  1. I think I would like the ax Jack Nicholson used in “The Shining” when he cracks open the door and says “Hereeee’ s Johnny”. That was so scary for me as a child, but I have never forgotten how amazed I was at that particular scene from the movie.

  2. Even if it’s known mostly a a series, there has been at least one movie about The Doctor, so for me my dream object would be the TARDIS.

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