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New Fall TV shows: our selection

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Drumrolls! The new TV lineup for next Fall has been revealed!

With about 20 new shows coming to our screens, you’d think we’d be spoilt for exciting new storylines… but sadly, disappointment prevails…

Indeed, as  remakes will be  the stars of the upcoming season, your TV will be invaded by a sense of déjà-vu: whether it’s movies turned into series, like The Exorcist, Lethal Weapon, The Rocky Horror Picture Show… or even a new Macgyver! (No, I did not make up that list…)

Also, buckle up as you’ll be time traveling extensively this September. With no less than three series involving time machines (Frequency, Time after Time and Timeless), you’d better not have motion sickness!

However, there are some good surprises we’re looking forward to watch, see our selection:

Designated Survivor (ABC, Wednesdays): Kiefer Sutherland unexpectedly becomes President of  the USA after a terrorist attack killed the most important US government representatives. He’ll have to face politic struggles and prevent America to fall into chaos… I don’ t know about you, but they had me at “Kiefer Sutherland”!

The Good Place (NBC, Thursdays): This comedy features Kristen Bell as a woman who dies and ends up in heaven by mistake. If the show is anything like the trailer,  we’ll be watching it  for sure! And bonus:  Ted Danson is in it too!!


Pure genius (CBS, Thursday): A young tech billionaire enlists a surgeon with a rowdy past to start a revolutionary hospital. If you like medicine show and new technology, this one’s for you!


Bull (CBS, Tuesdays): Micheal Weatherly has moved from NCIS to this new series where he portrays a talented but singular consultant. Bull analyzes trial juries  to help developing defense strategies for his clients. We’re sold!


So what do you think? Are you eagerly waiting for September?