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For the kid trapped inside of you

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Have you ever wondered if you were too old to buy the Lego Star Wars or the Marvel Super heroes sets?

You’re not.

You don’t need to have a kid or a nephew as an excuse to play with any  movie or series themed Lego. Check out the following unofficial kits designed by hardcore lego and movie fans. How cool are they?



Breaking Bad (or Bricking Bad):



And what about this “Dragon Sword Fighter Force” set (an unofficial Game of Thrones character pack) from Citybricks, known for creating unofficial play sets using customized Lego minifigs.



But what if these projects could become real Lego boxes ?

If you would like to have your favorite show or movie as a Lego set, you can submit it to the Lego Idea website. If your projects gets 10,000 votes, you have a chance to have it picked and it will become a new Lego set sold worldwide!

In recent years Ghostbusters   and the Back to the Future’s Delorean  won the Idea Project :

Snap43 Snap44

The next one going into production is this  Big Bang Theory kit :


Next for review is the Goonies ship! I would definitely do the Truffle Shuffle to get it!


And you can still vote for the ET and the Avatar set, and many more!:



Will you add one of those to your Christmas list?


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