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May the fork be with you!

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With Thanksgiving and the holiday season coming up, you’ll have no excuse not to step in the kitchen and give a hand. But even video geeks can have fun and (try to) cook at the same time!

Provided, of course that you have one (or all) of those wonderful items listed below:

If you’re a Breaking Bad fan (ie every normal person on earth aged 16 and beyond) all you need  is this Walter White cutting board to get cooking!



Also using the force and these amazing light saber tongs  will definitely make you a BBQ Jedi if you’re on brisket duty.

And, yes, they make “noise”….




If you’re not going to set foot in the kitchen, then at least lay the table like the real Indiana Jones that you are. These great monkey brains bowl will certainly make an impression (especially if served with eyeball soup).



If you’d rather drink than prepare the meal,  you can still become the king of the world with this Titanic and Iceberg  ice cube tray!

But will you drink your cocktails fast enough for the ship not to sink? (I know I would).



And if you’re assigned to the baby feeding chore, no problem with the Star Trek lightning bib AND Enterprise ship spoon!

star trek

So you’re all set now! Please save me a slice of cheesecake!