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Our guide to meaningful and FREE Valentine gifts

2 min read

Nothing says “I love you” like a one-of-a-kind gift you’ve made with your own two hands and some of our VSO programs (free versions)


Idea 1: Show how much you care


By making a mix tape (or a mix CD actually).  Carefully pick those special tunes to create the playlist of your love story! You’ll need our free VSO Downloader to download music (try http://musicmp3.ru/), our Copyto (free 3 week trial) and  just follow our guide for making an mp3 compilation!

Idea 2: Revive your memories.

vhs to dvd convert

If you’re old enough to have some of your life’s milestones on VHS or camcorder tape, then now is time to bring them back to life! Because these unforgetable events (that you’ll never get to watch otherwise) need to be salvaged from tape deterioration,  let’s just convert them to a DVD! Trust me, this is worth all the chocolates and champagne bottles in the world!

Idea 3: Make your other half feel special

convert DVD

Show how much making your loved one happy means to you by creating a custom DVD with his/her favorite movie (yes, even if it’s Dirty Dancing or Fight Club!)  You’ll only need our ConvertXtoDVD (free 1 week trial) and a blank disk (+ VSO Downloader and a good movie streaming site). Make a difference by fully customizing the menu, where you can insert a special picture or video in the background!

Now, repeat after me: Thanks VSO!