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The wait is almost over

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As we are just 1 month shy of Game of Thrones season 5 premiere , the excitement, rumors, sneak peeks, leaks, previews are in full swing! So are you ready for dragons, revenge, wolves and white walkers ?

*** Spoilers ahead***

First of all, the show will air simultaneously all over the world on April,12th at 9Pm ET and each Sunday after that, on the HBO network. European fans will have to stay up late (1 AM in London)!

We will have a lot of new faces in Season 5 (since everyone else got killed) , like the Sand Snakes, three sisters seeking to avenge their father (Oberyn Martell).


Are Tyrion and the Kahleesi going to be buddies? At least it seems that Tyrion will get to meet her offspring, judging by the official season 5 poster:


Also it seems that Arya has finally hired a stylist and hairdresser:


And last but not least, there is now an official trailer  that unveils much more that the cryptic messages sent to fans over the last months via the “three-eyed raven visions”:

Unless you prefer that one, 90s style:

For more spoilers, please refer to my earlier post “Winter is coming

Brace yourselves!