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Visit your favourite movie location!

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Fancy having Carson opening the doors of Downton Abbey to let you in?  Yes, even us mere mortals can catch a glimpse of the magnificient home of Lord Grantham. But  the estate is only open a few weeks every year, so be quick as tickets for this summer just went on sale (and they won’t be for long…)!

Highclere castle is a mere 1h30 train ride from London. And you can even stay at the B&B adjacent to the castle!


If you have followed my advice and watched the Game of thrones “behind the doors” documentary a few days ago (if you’ve missed it, you can watch it here) then you may now be dreaming of visiting the actual filming location(s) of the show. Well, you can do that, with a tour of the Northern Ireland locations (Castle black, Iron islands, Westeros…!


New Zealand may be a long way away, but it is the home of the Hobbit village, which you can visit even if you’re taller than 3 ft 6 in (110 cm) (you’ll just have a stiff neck at the end of the 2 hour tour)


If you happen to drive through Albuquerque, New Mexico, then don’t miss out on the Breaking Bad (and Better Call Saul!) trail. Even if you can’t step inside Walter White’s house, you can drive past it (and maybe throw a pizza on the roof ?). The fan tour would not be complete without a stop at “Twisters”, the real “Los Pollos Hermanos” joint!


And for the nostalgic, a  visit of the Southfork ranch near Dallas is a must. Last year, more than 300,000 fans visited the power seat of television’s famous Ewing family. A unique opportunity to check where Sue Ellen was hiding her booze!


Want to know where a TV show or a movie has been filmed? Check out the movie location “encyclopedia” !

Too bad that Harry Potter’s Hogwarth castle doesn’t exist for real!