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Brace yourselves: Sunday is coming

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I don’t know about you, but the Super Bowl was a big let down. Katy Perry didn’t even fall off that lion and the commercials were really, really average.  The only one that  was worth watching was the Esurance ad with Walter White, who had me at “hi”.

Thank god the week-end wasn’t totally ruined , with the Game of Thrones season 5 trailer that was released on Friday:


I promise though, that next Sunday (Feb, 8th) will be better. So much better!

Tune in on HBO at 7:30 PM ET to watch “A day in the Life”, an half-hour long documentary on the filming/behind the scenes of Game of Thrones season 5  I just mentionned (no, you can’t get enough of it).

Then you’ll have an hour to pee/unfreeze a pizza, and switch to AMC for the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead: “What happened and what’s going on” (episode 9).

Then stay on AMC for the highly anticipated premiere of Better Call Saul, which I have mentioned many times on this blog (the reviews are so good, I’m already hyperventilating …). You’re in for a treat with 2 episodes aired in a row.

Of course if you don’t have access to these channels, you‘ll simply have to wait a few hours for all the shows to be available on this streaming website. Then, with our free VSO Downloader, they’ll be legally downloaded to your desktop in minutes.

The wait will be long until Sunday, but it’ll be worth it, you have my word!