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Transfer, edit, convert, burn or share videos

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 Give your personal videos a second life!

Graduation day

We all have special videos on our phones, camcorder, GoPro or Dashcam waiting to be saved… or lost if you don’t act now!

Yes, it’s time to safeguard those videos of your kids’ graduation, school play, or a wedding, or your Dashcam eventful footage… : any important event that needs to be transferred from your mobile device into a safer place: PC, external hard drive, disk or even shared on social media!

In the tutorial video below, learn how to transfer, trim, convert and (optionally) share your videos on facebook and Youtube:

And because those precious videos deserve to be burnt onto disk so you never lose them , so you can watch them on the big TV screen or pass on to friends and family,  this video tutorial will show you how to edit,  customize (make a custom menu) ,trim, convert and burn any video format to DVD or Blu-ray:

Don’t forget your photos: they deserve the best too! With our easy to use program, PhotoDVD, keep and treasure them forever!

Your family will thank you, so get started!