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Learn a new language with VSO!

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With the “Back to school” season in full swing, now is a great time to start learning a new language, (we recommend French, of course!).

To become fluent (or simply be able to buy some croissants next time you’re in Paris), you’ll need  motivation and practice (lots of it). This is where we, VSO, step in!

Our first advice:

Watch foreign movies with subtitles

That’s a great way to improve your listening  skills, so no excuse! Get your head out of your textbook and start hearing the real language that is spoken by native speakers.

  1. Use our free VSO Downloader to download the movie on this streaming website (there is a selection by country)
  2. Download the subs on Subscene
  3. Insert movie in our ConvertXtoDVD or ConvertXtoVideo, and add subtitles this way:

In ConvertXtoDVD (to convert to DVD only):

add subtitles with ConvertXtoDVD

In ConvertXtoVideo (to convert to any format):

convertxtovideo add subtitles to video

Both program have a live preview and editing features for the subs!

Enjoy free language lessons and podcasts on the go

With our VSO Downloader, you can also download 100s of online courses on Youtube (and other websites) and podcasts for free! (Podcasts are perfect if you don’t have a native speaker around to chat with)

Transfer the videos/audios on your phone for instance and watch/listen to them in your own time, even without an internet connection!

Check out our selection below:



Podcast: http://www.jefrench.com/basic-french-lessons/



Podcast: http://audiria.com/index.php



Podcast: https://chinesepod.com/

Now, repeat after me: “Je voudrais deux croissants, s’il vous plait”!