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Star Wars trailers: the force vs the fake

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So by now you should have watched the official Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer a dozen times…. But wait, there’s more!!

Fake trailers have appeared all over the net, and  while some look alarmingly real and others are plain funny, they all gave me the chills…

I  have saved the best ones for you. See for yourself: could you have told they were fakes if I hadn’t told you?

Here is the video I made (see ** below), starting with the official trailer  and ending with the George Lucas’ “special edition” one, plus a few of the fake ones in between.

** The video was made by merging the trailers together, removing the ads and converting  it to .avi format with our excellent video conversion program VSO Video Converter**

Also, have a look at this excellent Disney-inspired spoof Star Wars video:

And as Yoda would say:                                                                                “Enjoyed these videos, I hope you have”.