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Blu(-ray) is the new black

2 min read

Is there a better time to watch family movies than the Christmas holidays?


Can you picture yourself in a few days time, on your sofa with your kids/dogs/popcorn bucket by your side, enjoying a good classic Christmas movie on your TV?


So you’re going to make/rent/buy some DVDs for the holidays?

NO, NO and NO!

Your family/dog/popcorn bucket and yourself deserve better: you deserve the best!

This year, you’re going to step up your game. No more DVDs! No more standard, average image quality: Santa, the Elf, James Stewart and everybody else (even the Grinch) will get the Blu-ray treatment!

This is where I step in with my very own xmas present: a full week of free, unlimited use of VSO Software’s brand new software: ConvertXtoHD


With this program, you can convert and burn any video type to Blu-ray format and get exceptional image quality!

A great selection of classic movies, like  The Polar Express, Home Alone, It’s a Wonderful Life (colorized version) , The Elf, The Nightmare before Christmas can be downloaded for free and legally on this streaming website, with our free VSO Downloader. Then simply insert the video into ConvertXtoHD and press convert! You can do this as many times as you want with the 7 day free trial (no watermark).

Did I say “free” enough times ?

Your eyes/family’s eyes/dog’s eyes and your popcorn bucket will be thankful!