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Best TV shows of 2016: our pick

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What a year this has been ! So many TV shows out there, so little time to watch them…

Here is the VSO Team selection of the shows we loved this year, and how to watch them for free!

So get your VSO Downloader (free) ready, open it, and for each show below, click on the streaming link: play the video , it will automatically be downloaded by VSO Downloader!

10. Love (Netflix)

This arty TV series came a little unnoticed back in February, and it’s a shame, because it is a great modern tale of a love/friendship story.

Stream it here


9. The OA (Netflix)

Yep, we’re till in 2016, so this one counts, eventhough it landed on your screens less than a week ago. Just like Stranger Things (see below), the sci-fi series came out of nowhere and is already creating much controversy: you love it or you hate it. In our case, we totally let ourselves be captured by this unique, strange yet compelling adventure.

Stream it here

.8. Stranger Things (Netflix)

Let’s wrap this one in one sentence: if you liked E.T. and The Goonies, you’ll love Stranger Things! The biggest TV story of  the summer has created a genuine phenomenon, mixing supernatural elements and 80’s nostalgia, so hop on the bandwagon! Stream it here.



7. Crazy Ex Girlfriend (The CW)

This series is unlike anything you’ve seen before. It’s funny, crazy, clever, and  so much more than just a “musical romantic comedy”. Give it a go, I promise you’ll be hooked. Stream it here.

6. Westworld (HBO)

The sci-fi western series will definitely blow you away with its amazing acting , superb scenery and thrilling plot. Clear time in your schedule for this highly addictive and unique show!

Stream it here

5. The Missing (season 2, BBC 1)

The Missing  season 2 (brand new investigation, so no need to have watched Season 1),  is simply breathtaking.   The series  follows a young girl who turns up after going missing eleven years ago in Germany. All the ingredients are here for an exceptional psychological thriller: superb storytelling, excellent actors, quick-paced scenario…. This absolutely riveting show makes high budget US drama look very pale in comparison.

Stream it here.

4. This Is Us (NBC)

It is this year’s (this decade’s?) most compelling family drama on TV! I sang the praises of this utterly addictive show after it aired only 3 episodes on the blog.  Now that we’ve got to the mid-season finale, we haven’t changed our mind one bit.  We LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!

Stream it here

3. Happy Valley (BBC1)

A deep, intense thriller, set in a desolated town that’s anything but “happy”, and , lucky you, already two 6-episode seasons to catch up with! Happy Valley is a gem, full stop. Stream it here

2. Peaky Blinders (BBC2)

Yes I know, this show is not new, but it’s still the best thing on TV for three years in a row now. Trust me, just watch the first episode of this pre-war gangster drama set in Birmingham and you’ll be hooked! Stream it here

  1. The Night Of (HBO)

Who would have thought that this 8 part drama that came out of the blue in the middle of the summer would have turned out to be such an exquisite, delectable, yet dark and twisted show? If you had just one series to fit in your schedule, it would be this one. Read my review here.

Stream it here.


So what do you think? Have you watched any of these? Which ones made your list?