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Winter is coming!

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wnter is coming

If you have no idea what the three letters GOT mean, you’re a lucky person (and it’s time to get out of your cave now). GOT is short for Games of Thrones, which is in my very unbiased opinion, the best show currently on TV. You’re lucky because, now  you get to enjoy  the first 4 seasons already aired (yes that’s 40 episodes of “OH NO!!” “OMG!!!” and “WTF?” ) while the rest of us, are painfully waiting for season 5like zombies. So tell your boss you’re in sick this week, you have some catching up to do. You can download Game of Thrones on any streaming website and use our free VSO Downloader to retrieve them on your PC.

Anyway, if you haven’t yet watched the first 4 series, do not read on as we have some AMAZING SPOILERS!!!

While season 5 will not be aired until April 2015, and while it is extremely difficult to get any insider’s info on the show’s current filming, I, Videora,  am bringing you the following scoop:


  1. Hodor and Bran, as well as Wilder Frey will not be part of season 5. It looks like their storyline will pick up again in season 6.


2. However Tywin Lannister is on this season’s cast, presumably returning as a “ flashback” character , since he’s supposed to have been killed by Tyron at the end of season 4.

3. Also the storyline will introduce the Martell and Sand clans (with Dorne as new location), so be ready for a lot of new cast members:


4. Meanwhile at King’s landing, things are not looking so rosy for Cersei. While producers have allegedly spent $200 000 to keep the production under wraps, some pictures leaked from the set earlier this week  of a naked, shaved and bloody Cersei forced to endure the humiliation and wrath of the common people.


Apparently Margaery manages to marry her late husband’s brother and current king, Tommen, but not without facing the wrath of Cersei, who tries to frame her for adultery. This doesn’t go according to plan, if we trust the above picture.

That’s all for now! I hope these spoilers will help you keep going for a while until GOT returns to the TV screens in (sigh) no less than six months…

Yours truly, Videora