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Zombies are not dead!

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zombie movies and series

If you thought the zombie trend would slowly head for the grave, you were dead wrong.

Some more zombies movies and TV series are coming our way in 2016!

Of course, The Walking Dead is coming back to your TV  screens on Fev 14th (so forget about Valentine plans!)

Also its litlle sibling,  Fear the Walking dead has been renewed for a second season and will premiere on April, 10th with 15 episodes this time.

By the way did you watch Fear the walking dead: Flight 462 last October?  It’ a sixteen part  mini series that features a group of survivors on a plane in the earliest moments of the outbreak. You can catch up with it on Youtube (talking about Youtube , did you know that our new VSO Downloader 5 is now able to fully download their videos? Just sayin…)

In the next few days, there will be no escaping  Pride and Prejudice and zombies , out in theaters on Feb, 5th. If you like zombies, women fighting and Victorian times, then you should be thrilled.

Also coming up later in September 2016 is the movie Patient Zero, starring Matt Smith (Doctor Who) and Natalie Dormer (Games of Thrones). as last survivors on a hunt for Patient Zero and a cure for the zombie virus….

And if you missed this epic masterpiece that is Scouts guide to the zombie apocalypse on the big screen back in November, you can now stream it! Don’t thank me!

And finally, get in shape for the end of March for the virtual zombie race! Accesible from anywhere in the world (even a treadmill!) and at anytime,  with the  Zombies, Run! app, you’ll be immersed in a thrilling audio-driven undead infested story that progresses with every kilometer you run alongside thousands of runners worldwide.

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