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Win a VSO Software license!

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It’s green, it’s alive, it sometimes floats, it sits on my desk in a bowl with pebbles and I never need to feed it.

I’ve named it Oscar and it’s supposed to give me inspiration and peace of mind.

Any idea what it is?

Send me your guess,  I’ll handpick one winner amongst the answers received by Monday 17th. The winner will receive a license of a VSO program of its choice (except Goldmember).

(I’ll accept the real name, the latin one, as well as its various known nicknames. If you have no idea what it is,  you can try to make it up, if it makes me laugh, you’re in the draw! 😆 )

Update: The competition is now over. It looks like there weren’t any biology specialists amongst the participants! The green stuff is a Marimo, a Japanese Algae…   But Ralph suggested it was a hairpiece for VSO’s boss, so he wins!