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Let’s get into the Christmas spirit!

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Since Santa’s visit is in less than 10 days, we thought it was time to get into “Christmas carol mode”.

But of course, not just any classic song! No! Our  selection only includes tunes by movie or TV series actors. Of course.

You’ll have to agree with me, though, that actors are NOT singers.

The Avengers  do prove my point:

But the star of “christmas mashup” is definitely  the Star Trek crew:


Unless you prefer Chewbacca singing a pretty tune… (did you know there was such a thing as the Star Wars Xmas album ??)

See for yourself:

And last, but not least, do you know this guy?


Yes, it’s none other than Sir Christopher Lee, who played the likes of Dracula or Saruman (in the Lord of the Ring). This fine actor has judged necessary, at the fine age of 92, to release a “Heavy Metal Christmas” single.

Listen at your own risk:

Happy Holiday!