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Our Christmas TV guide is proof that Santa exists

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This year Santa has some really cool presents for us, and he’s delivering them straight to our TV screens!

a very murray christmas

Let’s start on Dec, 4th with the intriguing comedy musical “A Very Murray Christmas” on Netflix.  What do you do when you’re a singer (Bill Murray) whose cabaret act is about to be cancelled due to a serious storm? You invite your friends (and by friends, I mean George Clooney, Amy Poehler, Chris Rock, Rashida Jones, Miley Cyrus…) and you improvise! This sounds like the ultimate treat to me (especially when the movie is directed by Sofia Coppola!)

Now, I’ll let you in on a secret….We’ve had it wrong for years…: Santa does NOT come from the North Pole. He comes from Great Britain. How do I know that? Well, easy, just look at the UK’s festive TV feast scheduled for the end of the year:

After waiting in agony for almost two years, Sherlock fans will be rewarded with a special episode set in Victorian times: “The Abominable Bride ”

SHerlock victorian

The original story, inspired by a reference in one of the Doyle books, will air on BBC 1 and PBS as well as selected cinemas across the UK on January, 1st, so make sure you’re hangover-free!

Of course for most of us, Dec, 25th will be a joyful and sad day at once, when Downton Abbey returns  for one final episode-ever. In the 2-hour special, all fates will be revealed! … But how will we carry on living without Bates, Carson, Mrs Patmore and Violet???….US friends, please don’t wait any longer to catch up on season 6!

downton abbey final episode


Thankfully, a new period drama, Dickensian, premiering the next  day (Dec, 26th), may bring us back to life:

dickensian BBC

Featuring an all-star cast, the 20-part BBC series will see the beloved characters created by Charles Dickens living next door to one another on one cobbled street….

And while we’re at it with British classics being revisited, do not miss “And then they were none” on BBC 1 on December 27th. Agatha Christie’s masterpiece is recreated as ten strangers (Sam Neil, Aidan Turner,  Charles Dance,  to name a few) are invited to a remote island, only for murders to begin…

BBC and then there were none

Of course, all these episodes will be available for watching on streaming sites like Project free TV,  only hours after the original TV airing, and with the free and legal  VSO Downloader, you can retrieve them onto your PC in seconds, for playback whenever and wherever you want !  That’s the beauty of Christmas!