Movie-inspired Halloween costumes

Every year, our Halloween costume selection is a big hit, and this year’s will not disappoint!

Check out sthese amazing movie inspired costumes that are either super cheap or even free, depending on what’s in your wardrobe!

halloween movie costumes

  1. Rocky Balboa:  because who doens’t already have some grey sweatpants, a pair of Converse and a black beanie? If you’re missing one of these items you can buy them here.

marty mcfly costume

2. Marty McFly: you may not own a Delorean, but you may have a red vest, a denim jacket and a checkered shirt lying somewhere! And in lieu of an overboard, you can always take an old skateboard with you.

harley quinn costume

3. Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. On top of a red/white baseball shirt, some shorts and fishnet stockings, you won’t need much to look like Harley quinn!  For the hair and make up, follow this tutorial.


grease halloween

4. Sandy and/or Danny from Grease. This one is for (lazy) couples! Grab an all black outfit, some high heels and /or black shoes (with white socks!!), hair gel (a lot!)  and you’re done.

edward scissorhands costume

5. Edward Scissorhands. Got a white shirt? Then just borrow some black suspenders and some pants from your grandpa ! Apply some white makeup on your face, and once you’re done, tape some (non sharp) knives to a pair of black gloves. Won’t be the ideal costume to grab a drink but you’ll be the highlight of the party!


star wars rey costume

6. Rey from Star Wars. A new classic for Halloween that only requires a long brown belt , some beige leggings and a long beige scarf.

E.T. costume

7. E.T. This “adult Elliott” costume is very easy, yet super original, providing you own a red hoody and an E.T.  printed figure which you can fit in a basket and carry around with you.

For more ideas , check out our TV series costume selection, our Game of Thrones Halloween special and our Pinterest board!

Music is coming

music from iconic movies

The most iconic movies/series always come with an amazing, out of this world soundtrack. Grab your chance to go and see a live symphony orchestra playing your favorite theme!

Goosebumps guaranteed!

Game of Thrones Music is coming next spring: the ultimate treat for fans of the series! A US-wide tour where the audience will be immerged in live music and imagery both from and inspired by GOT via an elaborate and high-tech setup,  which contains multiple stages and various LED screen. Can you believe your eyes- and your ears?

Lord of the Ring All throughout Europe and the US, Howard Shores brings J.R.R. Tolkien’s literary imagination to vivid life, with an epic performance by a symphony orchestra, chorus and soloists.

Star Trek  The Ultimate Voyage brings 50 years of Star Trek to concert halls in the US for the first time ever!

And yes, even Star Wars! Enjoy composer John Williams’ most popular movie scores with selections  from — Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Jaws, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, and more!

Also playing at a concert hall near you:  E.T. , Back to the FutureCharlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton,  The Godfather, Titanic, etc, etc: check out more movies, more dates, anywhere in the world on this website:

Have you booked your tickets yet?

Why “This is Us” is this fall’s must watch show

this is us new show

“This is Us” is the new show everyone’s raving about, and they’re damn right!

You know a show is good when a full season is ordered right after the first episode is aired (on Tuesday nights on NBC). That’s what happened with This is Us, which stands as the No. 1 new show of the fall (so far) with a 4.5 rating among adults under 50 and 14.3 million viewers.

This is Us is a family drama that will play with your emotions like nothing you’ve seen in a long time. The series interweaves four stories together, following five strangers who share the same birthday. It has a superb cast,  the right tone and pace and a last minute twist that  you’d only expect in thrillers or “political” series.

But with only two episodes aired so far, will the novelty wear off ? With Sam Trammel (from True Blood) joining the cast, I’m placing my bet that this show will go on to be an captivating drama as it unfolds. What do you think?

Catch up on the first two episodes here, download them with our VSO Downloader to watch them in your own time on any device!




Learn a new language with VSO!


With the “Back to school” season in full swing, now is a great time to start learning a new language, (we recommend French, of course!).

To become fluent (or simply be able to buy some croissants next time you’re in Paris), you’ll need  motivation and practice (lots of it). This is where we, VSO, step in!

Our first advice:

Watch foreign movies with subtitles

That’s a great way to improve your listening  skills, so no excuse! Get your head out of your textbook and start hearing the real language that is spoken by native speakers.

  1. Use our free VSO Downloader to download the movie on this streaming website (there is a selection by country)
  2. Download the subs on Subscene
  3. Insert movie in our ConvertXtoDVD or ConvertXtoVideo, and add subtitles this way:

In ConvertXtoDVD (to convert to DVD only):

add subtitles with ConvertXtoDVD

In ConvertXtoVideo (to convert to any format):

convertxtovideo add subtitles to video

Both program have a live preview and editing features for the subs!

Enjoy free language lessons and podcasts on the go

With our VSO Downloader, you can also download 100s of online courses on Youtube (and other websites) and podcasts for free! (Podcasts are perfect if you don’t have a native speaker around to chat with)

Transfer the videos/audios on your phone for instance and watch/listen to them in your own time, even without an internet connection!

Check out our selection below:







Now, repeat after me: “Je voudrais deux croissants, s’il vous plait”!

Transfer, edit, convert, burn or share videos

 Give your personal videos a second life!

Graduation day

We all have special videos on our phones, camcorder, GoPro or Dashcam waiting to be saved… or lost if you don’t act now!

Yes, it’s time to safeguard those videos of your kids’ graduation, school play, or a wedding, or your Dashcam eventful footage… : any important event that needs to be transferred from your mobile device into a safer place: PC, external hard drive, disk or even shared on social media!

In the tutorial video below, learn how to transfer, trim, convert and (optionally) share your videos on facebook and Youtube:

And because those precious videos deserve to be burnt onto disk so you never lose them , so you can watch them on the big TV screen or pass on to friends and family,  this video tutorial will show you how to edit,  customize (make a custom menu) ,trim, convert and burn any video format to DVD or Blu-ray:

Don’t forget your photos: they deserve the best too! With our easy to use program, PhotoDVD, keep and treasure them forever!

Your family will thank you, so get started!



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