Learn a new language with VSO!


With the “Back to school” season in full swing, now is a great time to start learning a new language, (we recommend French, of course!).

To become fluent (or simply be able to buy some croissants next time you’re in Paris), you’ll need  motivation and practice (lots of it). This is where we, VSO, step in!

Our first advice:

Watch foreign movies with subtitles

That’s a great way to improve your listening  skills, so no excuse! Get your head out of your textbook and start hearing the real language that is spoken by native speakers.

  1. Use our free VSO Downloader to download the movie on this streaming website (there is a selection by country)
  2. Download the subs on Subscene
  3. Insert movie in our ConvertXtoDVD or ConvertXtoVideo, and add subtitles this way:

In ConvertXtoDVD (to convert to DVD only):

add subtitles with ConvertXtoDVD

In ConvertXtoVideo (to convert to any format):

convertxtovideo add subtitles to video

Both program have a live preview and editing features for the subs!

Enjoy free language lessons and podcasts on the go

With our VSO Downloader, you can also download 100s of online courses on Youtube (and other websites) and podcasts for free! (Podcasts are perfect if you don’t have a native speaker around to chat with)

Transfer the videos/audios on your phone for instance and watch/listen to them in your own time, even without an internet connection!

Check out our selection below:



Podcast: http://www.jefrench.com/basic-french-lessons/



Podcast: http://audiria.com/index.php



Podcast: https://chinesepod.com/

Now, repeat after me: “Je voudrais deux croissants, s’il vous plait”!

Transfer, edit, convert, burn or share videos

 Give your personal videos a second life!

Graduation day

We all have special videos on our phones, camcorder, GoPro or Dashcam waiting to be saved… or lost if you don’t act now!

Yes, it’s time to safeguard those videos of your kids’ graduation, school play, or a wedding, or your Dashcam eventful footage… : any important event that needs to be transferred from your mobile device into a safer place: PC, external hard drive, disk or even shared on social media!

In the tutorial video below, learn how to transfer, trim, convert and (optionally) share your videos on facebook and Youtube:

And because those precious videos deserve to be burnt onto disk so you never lose them , so you can watch them on the big TV screen or pass on to friends and family,  this video tutorial will show you how to edit,  customize (make a custom menu) ,trim, convert and burn any video format to DVD or Blu-ray:

Don’t forget your photos: they deserve the best too! With our easy to use program, PhotoDVD, keep and treasure them forever!

Your family will thank you, so get started!



Trivia time: win the VSO product of your choice

One guess and the VSO license of your choice could be yours!

At VSO Software, there is one thing you will find on almost every desk (for testing purposes)… a DVD spindle!

Will you guess how many DVDs are left in this spindle?

Send us your estimation (use the form below) and you may win one of the five VSO licenses we’re giving away!

The 5 people that guess the right number (or are closest to it) will choose which VSO program they  want to receive for free (excluding Goldmember)!

The contest is now over. The right number of DVDs on the spindle was 64! A few of you guessed it right, so I handpicked 5 winners that have now been notified.

Thanks for participating and try your luck again next time!


Upcoming fall 2016 new movies: our selection

Finally, some great movies are coming to the big screen this fall!

Here’s our pick!

Sully (September 9)

Tom Hanks, Clint Eastwood and the story of the “Miracle On The Hudson” forced water landing. What more do you need ?

The Light Between Oceans (September, 2)

A couple unable to have a baby of their own rescue and unoffically “adopt” a little girl… All is well  until the real mother shows up in their lives…. Pass the hankies!

The Magnificient Seven (September, 23)

Honestly, I don’t think Chris Pratt and Ethan Hawke are a match for Yul Bruynner and Steve Mc Queen in this remake of the classic western, but let’s keep an open mind…

The Girl on The Train (October 7)

If, like me, you’ve loved the book, then you must be highly anticipating the movie adaptation. If it’s as good, then you’ll be sitting by the edge of your seat!

Check this link for a full list of upcoming movies!







What to watch after Orange is the new Black?

This is it, you’ve binged-watched  Orange Is The New Black, and the thought of waiting another 10 months for Season 5 is unbearable? Well, good news, there are some other great (even better!!!) female prison drama for you to indulge on.

Wentworth tv show


Coming straight from Australia, Wentworth will be your next favorite show, and not just because of the aussie accent.

Bea is incarcerated for the attempted murder of her violent husband. Her daily fight for survival and her adjusting to the rigours of prison will have you sitting at the edge of your sofa.

It’s violent, sexy, dark, gritty and very realistic…. with incredible, gripping story lines, some say it surpasses OITNB in many ways, despite some similarities … and I can’t agree more!

Catch up on the 4 seasons here: http://www.watchseries.ac/serie/Wentworth

Get your free VSO Downloader ready, play each episode for a few seconds: our software will have detected it and downloaded it in no time!

locked up

Locked Up

An immediate hit with audiences in its native Spain,  this women prison drama is a real thriller, far from the “comedy drama” OITNB.

Macarena is framed by her lover for corporate fraud and ends up in jail. She insists she is there by mistake, but within 48 hours of her arriving, her bunkmate is found murdered… and trouble begins.

The series gives a real insight into the bleak reality of incarceration with its fair share of violence and brutality. You will get addicted by its complex and fast paced action, with a touch of dark humor.

Yet unaired in the US, here is your chance to stream it now: http://projectfreetv.us/internet/locked-up

Dead Boss

This British comedy is about a woman being stuck in prison for a crime she didn’t commit. While she thinks she’ll be out very soon, those around her want to keep her inside at all costs…

Funny and entertaining, (and full of cameos by famous british actors), Dead Boss lacks a proper ending, but will still bring a smile on your face.

Download the 8 episodes here: http://www.watchseries.ac/serie/dead_boss