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The secrets behind ConvertXtoDVD 6

2 min read

We just officially released our new ConvertXtoDVD 6 – and let me tell you, the VSO Team is super proud of it!

It includes, amongst other things, a new menu editor that enables 100% customization. Give it a try and never look back!

convertxtodvd 6 box

And now…. here is the secret behind ConvertXtoDVD version 6 :

Months of hard work ( yes, each of our developpers needs no less than three screens!)


A few munched pens….VSO Software

hundreds of coffee cups…  some sweets for the necessary sugar rush…

convertXtodvd 6

Even a couch for those nights spent at the office!

vso software office

And there you have it, the most advanced, versatile, easy to use video converter to DVD in the world: ConvertXtoDVD 6!

We celebrated the release with some well deserved champagne and cake!


Thanks to all our beta testers, and thanks for the amazing feedback we’ve already received!

 Would you like to have your own ConvertXtoDVD 6 license for free?

Then, simply  go to our Facebook page, leave a comment under the most recent post  and, very important:  tag a friend in the comment.  (for instance: love this video converter, you should try it  Brad Pitt)

You have until Friday, 22nd Jan to participate. I will handpick 20 winners (yes, 20 winners!!!) and contact them through facebook to let them know they won!