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New TV series worth watching this Spring

Has your favorite show’s season ended? Are you looking for something new  to watch?

Here are the latest TV series we highly recommend:

Remember, no need to have cable TV or any subscription to watch any of the following shows! Simply click on the link and download the episodes with our VSO Downloader!

The Handmaid’s Tale

Only three episodes have aired so far but this show already topped our list. Follow Elisabeth Moss’s (Peggy from Mad Men!) struggle to survive as a “modern slave” under a fundamentalist, tyrannic dictatorship. As one of the few fertile women left in the world, she is forced to live in the Commander’s household to give him an offspring.  It’s a superb, daunting, mesmerizing adaptation of the best seller book by Margaret Atwood. A must watch: do it here!



I never thought I’d find yet another adaptation of the novel “Anne of Green Gables”  that entertaining, but this new one is actually very adddictive… no wonder it was written by one of the Breaking Bad producer!

Anne  tells the story of a young orphan girl in the late 19th century, who is adopted and mistakenly sent to live on a farm with an elderly woman and her brother. It’s got depth, emotion, darkness and real-life complexity… I guarantee you’ll be hooked!

Catch up on the eight episodes here.


 Big Little Lies

Take some seriously amazing actresses (Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern, Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley…), add an intriguing storyline and mix with beautiful cinematography and a terrific soundtrack, and you get one the best shows of the Spring.  A great whodunit in a wealthy suburb full of desperate housewives and secrets , where everyone is a suspect….

No need to be an HBO subscriber to watch Big Little Lies, you can watch the Mini-Series here


Peter Kay’s Car Share

Brace yourself if you like British comedy, this one is a gem!

In turns funny, witty, and poignant, the show follows two supermarket employees sharing the daily commute to work.  It’s impossible not to grow extremly found of those two and not want to watch the next episode. And the next. And the next….

Watch season 1 (6 episodes) and the brand new season 2 (only 4 episodes…) here.

American Gods

A supernatural tale of “old gods” at war against the technology driven “new gods”, in the style of Preacher, so if you like gory, “WTF”, spectacular entertainment, you’re in for a treat!

For once, a successful adaptation from the book !

Catch up with the first episode here


How to get (free) graphics for your menu templates?

With the new ConvertXtoDVD 7 and ConvertXtoHD 3 you can create your own amazing custom DVD and Blu-ray menus like this one:

Both software come with pre-made backgrounds and a selection of buttons and audios, but if you need extra graphic resources to match your projects, we’ve got you covered!

Here is a selection of great websites where you’ll find free stock images, icons, fonts and audio to add a personal touch to  your menus!

  1. Images:

Start by adding a custom image as background in your menu and unleash your creativity!

You’ll find great backgrounds on Freepik. This is definitely one of our favourie website for graphic resources!

For beautiful HD wallpapers, head to 

Pixabay is another top website for free, stunning background images and vectors.

  1. Icons

Then, why not custom the navigation buttons of your menu pages? Depending on which pages you choose to display, you’ll need up to 10 different icons for the following actions: Play, Previous/Next page, Home, Chapters, Settings, Audio, Subtitles, Bonuses and Back

We swear by Flaticon because they have a very large selection of  “transparent” icons (.png ) that you can choose in any colour!

There are also some nice icons on Freepik.

  1. Audio

You can add an audio file to play during the menu duration (usually around 30 secs, but you can change this value). Any Mp3 file will do, but for more “dramatic” effect, check out our own copyright free audio files (USA anthem, happy birthday, circus, waves, scary tunes…)

Youtube also has some great , short audio files like this rolling camera sound. To download the audio from the video, use our VSO Downloader and  convert the file to MP3 with the integrated converter.

4. Fonts

Using a custom font for your text makes all the difference! You can use any font that is installed on your computer: if you don’t know add to add fonts to your PC, here is a quick guide on how to do this.

Download free fonts from, Urban Fonts  or 1001freefonts

You will find more resources here  and on our forum as well.  We encourage you to upload your own template creations on the forum to share with everyone!

PS: while the resources form those websites are free, you may need to credit the autor with a copyright mention, please check each website guidelines.




ConvertXtoDVD 7 license contest

We’re super excited to release our new ConvertXtoDVD 7, so let’s celebrate with a contest!!

Win one of 10 licenses by answering that simple question:

In 2004, we first released what is now ConvertXtoDVD under another name, which one was it:

A: VSO DivXConverter

B: ConvertAllMyDVDs

C: DivXtoDVD


The contest is now over! The right answer was C: DivXtoDVD!

Thanks for participating and congratulations to the 10 winners!


Safeguard your memories: backup & restore your pics


You do know that the ton of photos that are on your phone/PC/camera are at risk of being deleted/lost if they’re not backed up, right? So instead of saying “I’ll do it later”, act now and save those memories for good!


Among the different methods, the DVD is still the most reliable storage solution! (the cloud puts your content at risk of pirating, and external hard drives are just too fragile).

To make a backup copy of those images, use our CopyTo and burn them to DVD ! Use the “Create a data disk” option:

CopyTo is free for 3 weeks after installation!

You can also use our PhotoDVD to create a slideshow of your photos,  complete with transitions, music and text. The program lets you add all original pictures onto the DVD as well for extra backup (if there’s enough room). Here is how to set this:

When you reach Step 3, make sure the option “Burn result to DVD is checked, then on the right side of the DVD burner selection, click on the disk icon.

That’s it!


If it’s too late and you have lost your photos (and also videos and audio files) from accidental deletion, corruption, or formatting, don’t panic! Use a program like Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery to  restore your files. Its impressive features allow image recovery from digital cameras, memory cards, external storage, USB sticks, and even from hard drives!

If you’re interested in buying it, here is a 20% discount coupon for you: VSOSOFTWARE (offer valid until Apr, 15th)

If you cherish those memories, make sure you back them up!


How to download videos from Facebook?

If you want to retrieve the videos that are posted on Facebook, you can now easily do so with our VSO Downloader,  a great tool that downloads streaming videos from the Internet.

It’s very easy, but there is a special trick (VSO Downloader will not simply pick up the video if you play it, like for other streaming content).  You  need to:

  1. Do a right click on the actual video, then click on Show video URL

2. Highlight and copy the video URL from the space that opens:

3. Open our VSO Downloader, click on Detection, then Download URL

4. Paste the URL (or click on “Paste”), then click on Download

5. The video is detected and downloaded automatically by the software!

6. After being downloaded, the video is saved on your PC, in “Documents”, in a folder called “VSO Downloader”

You can play it whenever you want, transfer it to another device (phone, tablet, etc)… Make sure you always have those videos available when you need them (especially the recipes!)

This is it!!

PS: Please note that  it may not be possible to download certain video types from Facebook. If you encounter any issue with some videos, please let us know.