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Zombies do not take vacations

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And if you’re a zombie fan, neither should you! Instead you should get ready for a busy summer, wherever you are around the globe. There are indeed some bloody good zombie events out there, check them out!


If you’re in the US, head to Vegas for the ultimate “zombie apocalypse experience“,  a complete interactive paintball-style recreation where your mission is to clear infected zones and put down as many Zombies as possible without getting eaten.


If you’re in Indianapolis on Aug, 22nd (other locations are scheduled this fall) put your running shoes on and join the Zombie Run ! Let’s see if you can make it to the finishing line alive!


If you’re in Europe,  there is also a  Zombie Run in Berlin on Aug, 16th. Are you ready to face the hordes of zombies that could lurk at every corner of a custom built 5k+ obstacle course? Or would you rather spread fear and terror as part of the undead, chasing after the flags of the Runners?

Also, do not miss the Dead Games held in Paris (July, 15th)  for a zombie chase experience in an abandoned hospital that will challenge you physically and emotionally, whether you’re a survivor or a living corpse.

If you’re in the UK,  there will be no shopping at The Mall in Reading! Instead, you’ll  embark on an adrenaline fuelled, blood-soaked survival horror event like no other. Let’s see if you can survive the zombie apocalypse with limited ammunition!


Not for the faint-hearted either,  the Zombie survival experience in Huddersfield will thrust you into your very own nightmare: you will have to use your brains (before they are eaten) and your brawn in this epic fight for survival against the infected hordes.

If you’re in Japan, will you make it out alive from Universal studio’s Resident Evil 3 attraction?  The goal (you will have guessed it by now) is to shoot the zombies and other creatures, eradicating the virus contagion.


If you’re in Canada, you will have to wait this fall to pay a visit to the Zombie Manor in Moncton, New Brunswick.


And of course if  you’d rather stay on your couch, you can patiently wait for “Fear the Walking Dead“, premiering in August, here is the latest trailer:


Zombies just never die….