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What we’re excited about…

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While you’re on your summer break, we make sure you don’t miss out on any exciting  announcement about cool movies and TV series to come!

Here is the latest that caught our attention and got us jumping up and down!

1. Walter White is back!


Well sort of: Bryan Cranston (the actor playing WW) is back in his first role since Breaking Bad!  The pilot of his new show “Sneaky Pete” premieres tomorrow on Amazon (after CBS turned it down).  Cranston co-wrote, co-directed and guest-stars in this comedy/drama which revolves around a con man (Giovanni Ribisi ) who gets into a lot of unexpected trouble when he picks the wrong identity to steal. On Friday Aug. 7, if you’re an Amazon user, you’ll be able to watch the Sneaky Pete pilot and vote on whether you want to see the show turned into a full series.

2. Top of the Lake Season 2 is happening!


If you missed the first season of this highly acclaimed drama by Jane Campion, starring Elizabeth Moss (Mad Men) and Holly Hunter, then please do yourself a favour and download the 7 episodes. You will be instantly taken by the beautiful scenery (New Zealand) , the creepy atmosphere and the disturbing plot.  Not only has season 2 now been announced but we also know that Jane Campion and Elizabeth Moss will be back too (we wouldn’t have had it any other way!).  Filming starts in December (in Australia this time).

3. Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan team up for an amazing movie


Forget that Jamie Dornan ever was in 50 shades of Grey, because he is a brilliant actor (watch The Fall and you’ll see!) and he is teaming up with my other favourite Cillian Murphy (from the excellent series Peaky Blinders) for a World War II movie! Anthropoid is based on the true story of two Czechoslovak soldiers sent to assassinate the head of the SS Reinhard Heydrich, who was the Reich’s number three and main architect for the ‘Final Solution.’ It is expected to hit theaters next year.

4. Harry Potter gets its prequel!


Drumrolls!  Remember Harry Potter’s text book at Hogwarts, Fantastic beasts and where to find them? The upcoming movie of the same name (adapted from JK Rowling’s book) takes place 70 years prior to the events of the Harry Potter series, telling the story of how Newt Scamander adventured throughout the wizarding world to seek out and document magical creatures, eventually creating the text book. Eddie Redmayne and  Colin Farrell will star in the movie which is scheduled to arrive in theaters on November 18, 2016, with sequels following suit in 2018 and 2020.



So what do you say?