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Week-end recap

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Here is what you may have missed this week-end!

On Friday evening we got some great news: we have a date for the  much-awaited Game of Thrones season 5 premiere! It will air on April 12th on HBO. It was also announced earlier last week that a one-off Game of Thrones special called A Day In The Life will be broadcast on  February 8th.The special is thought to be a “behind-the-scenes” mini feature of the upcoming season.

Wait , February, 8th ? But that’s also the premiere date of the Breaking Bad prequel, Better Call Saul! Speaking of which,  AMC released on Sunday an extended trailer for the show that is getting us really excited:

And Netflix answered with an intense trailer for House of Cards season 3 (to be released on Feb, 27th):


And finally, if you were demonstrating for freedom of speech all around the world, you may have missed the Golden Globes on Sunday evening.  I was delighted to see that most of the show or films I recommended on the blog won an award!!!

This year was all about newcomers with The Affair, Fargo, Transparent, Jane the Virgin winning and many more new shows being nominated. Thank god, no more Modern Family getting all the attention!

Too bad though, Ricky Gervais didn’t win for best actor in a TV comedy . He would have totally deserved it with his role in Derek. Derek is one of those underdogs shows that don’t get the popularity they deserve. Do yourself a favor and watch the 2 seasons (only 13 episodes). It’s a truly heartwarming comedy, and those are rare. Trust me.

But the Golden Globes wouldn’t be complete without the Fashion Police!

Kathy Griffin is taking the reigns from the late Joan Rivers as the show’s presenter, and from the first glimpses, she’s doing a good job:

Have a great week!