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About that Walking Dead finale….

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walking dead season 6 finale

So you’ve watched that Walking Dead finale and you’re STILL trying to figure out who was killed by Negan?

You’re not the only one! The whole internet is mad! Here is the best of the latest conspiration theories. **spoilers ahead**

walking dead clifhanger truth


  1. It’s Glenn

Yep, according to this video, with the background audio played in slow motion:

Also in the comics, it’s Glenn who “meets” Lucille, the bat.

2. Or is it Carl?

carl walking dead victim


3. I bet it’s Eugene!

After all, he has given Daryl the ammunition making plans, and he’s made his peace with Abraham, so it would make sense. I’ve  also read an interesting theory of Eugene being a traitor for telling Negan where the others were hiding in the woods, after he got arrested in the RV…

4. It’s not Glenn or Rick, or anyone with hair in front of their eyes

If the final scene is seen through the eyes of the victim, then it must be somone whose hairline is NOT impeding their vision, or we’d see it on camera.

the walking dead season 6 amc

More abouth this theory:

5. It’s Abraham

Indeed, he’ a man who would, “take it like a champ”! And in the comics, he’s already dead.

6. It’s NOT Maggie, Michonne, Saha or Rosita

In the comics, Negan has a no-woman kill policy. I support that.

7. It’s either Glenn or  Daryl


8. Or is it none of the above because the showrunners just have not decided yet?

Daryl walking dead

9. Or maybe they have after all

Norman Reedus (Daryl)  said on “This morning” : “I KNOW WHAT HAPPENS & IT’S GUT-WRENCHING””


In any case, you’ve got 7 months to figure it out…. Don’t sweat too much over it!

negan the walking dead