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Why “This is Us” is this fall’s must watch show

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this is us new show

“This is Us” is the new show everyone’s raving about, and they’re damn right!

You know a show is good when a full season is ordered right after the first episode is aired (on Tuesday nights on NBC). That’s what happened with This is Us, which stands as the No. 1 new show of the fall (so far) with a 4.5 rating among adults under 50 and 14.3 million viewers.

This is Us is a family drama that will play with your emotions like nothing you’ve seen in a long time. The series interweaves four stories together, following five strangers who share the same birthday. It has a superb cast,  the right tone and pace and a last minute twist that  you’d only expect in thrillers or “political” series.

But with only two episodes aired so far, will the novelty wear off ? With Sam Trammel (from True Blood) joining the cast, I’m placing my bet that this show will go on to be an captivating drama as it unfolds. What do you think?

Catch up on the first two episodes here, download them with our VSO Downloader to watch them in your own time on any device!