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The Best of Force Friday

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The Force of marketing is strong with this one!


So last Friday saw a horde of new Star Wars toys invade the shops all over the world for the special  “let’s get all them desperate Star Wars fans spend their money on ridiculous and overpriced items”  “Unveiling of the new Star Wars Episode VII merchandise” world event.

But much to the disappointment of real fans, there wasn’t that many exciting items, apart from the BB-8 Droid that will be under EVERY Christmas tree in three months (start saving up, it costs 150$).




Of course the new Legos and the figure play sets with the new characters (Flametrooper, Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma, etc) were a hit:





Another must-have is the Millenium Falcon drone by Air Hogs, who has just launched a full line of remote controlled Star Wars vehicles, also including a real flying X-Wing Starfighter :

Train with the master, you must! With this animated Yoda master  figure that  will lead you to Jedi wisdom and lightsaber mastery (he does speak 115 phrases, but none with the right grammar!)


Also, I’m sure you’ll find some room for this happabore (a giant Jakku Pig)!!


Keep the little ones busy with this Play-Doh Millenium Falcon set:


And finally, one good thing that came out of the whole circus, is that kids will now eat their soup without protesting:


May the $ be with you!