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Sequels, remakes, reboots, prequels, spin-offs : has the movie industry lost its imagination?

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When I heard The Gremlins was being lined up for a reboot, that was it! Enough is enough!

While some movies do deserve a sequel, or a franchise (like Star Wars, The Godfather, Aliens, Back To The Future…),  not all of them do. I mean, we get it: sequels are just as tempting for studios to make, particularly if the first one made a ton of money.

But please, Hollywood people , if you’re really going down that road, please try to make a good job out of it. I mean, the new Mad Max without Mel Gibson? Point Break 2  without Keanu Reeves?  Is it so difficult to come up with interesting, original plots or at least keep the main actors ?!

See for yourself the extent of the disaster: here is the list of the next prequel/sequel/spinoff/reboot/remake coming to a movie theatre near you,  from next week until end of 2016 (with my very interesting comments):

Jurassic World (well, OK, but at the end I’m sure the dinosaur doesn’t win),  Mad MaxTed 2 (really?), Terminator  (WTF???), Magic Mike XXL (Joe Mangianello as a stripper?  I’m not complaining here!), MinionsMission Impossible (YAWN), Crouching Dragon Hidden Tiger IIHotel Transylvania 2, Steve Jobs (a second biopic,  in case we didn’t understand the first one?) , The Hunger Games 3, Paranormal activity 2Alvin and the chipmunks (Please!!!! I’d rather watch 3 episodes of “Keeping up with the Kardashian” in  a row than this), Point Break 2 ( Are you kidding me ?), Kung Fu PandaZoolander 2 (with Justin Bieber as a cameo… need I say more?), Independence Day 2…

I’m stopping here. I mean, back in the days, if they had done a Goonies or a Dirty Dancing sequel I would have been all for it. But  another Terminator? Seriously? They should make a Titanic 2 (starring a bigger iceberg) while they’re at it!

Rant over!