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Play videos on your TV with a USB stick

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usb movie

Stop wasting time and money on DVD burning! If you have a (recent) TV or a DVD player with a USB pendrive, then you may be able to play your videos directly from the USB stick!

The first thing to know is that, depending on the brand and model of your device, different video and audio formats will be accepted.

For instance, as strange as it may seems, if you have a DVD player with a USB slot, you will not be able to play a DVD video from this device, eventhough you’ll plug it into a DVD player. The same is true for Blu-ray.


So the first thing to do is to read your device instruction manual or google your TV or DVD player reference to check the supported formats of the USB playback. Most user manual are available on the manufacture webpage. Supported video formats may include Avi, Mp4, Xvid and audio formats are usually MP3/AAC.

Then, once that you know the compatible  format, use our ConvertXtoVideo to convert the file accordingly!

The list of outputs is on the bottom right:

convert avi

Each video format offers “sub formats” so you can use the one with the right combination of video and audio:


Then press “Start” to start the conversion. Once it’s done, the software will open the “destination” folder where the conversion is saved. Simply copy the video file and copy it onto your USB stick.  Then connect the USB device to the USB port (usually on the front of the unit), select the device and video with the remote control of your DVD player and press Play!

That’s it!

video on usb

If you’re unsure of which file formats will be accepted by your player with a USB device, let us know and we’ll check it for you!

NB:  Few TV screens (only some recent ones) actually accept video through the USB slot. Most of the time you’ ll only be able to view pictures and not videos.

NB2: Your USB device must be formatted in FAT 32.