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The Mixtape is back!

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If you’re over 30, then you must remember offering and giving mixtapes to your friends as the ultimate gesture of friendship or love.

It’s a pity that the “tradition” is now almost extinct. It was something personal that spoke volume about your state of mind : there was the process of selecting, ordering tracks to set just the right mood… Imagining the recipient’s reaction when listening to it…

So, good thing that Valentine’s day is just around the corner and that there’s no better time to offer a custom, affordable gift to express your feelings. Tapes are long gone, but we still have CDs. They can still provide that sense of “homemade” and “commitment” that Mp3 playlists lack (too easily made/replaced)!


So this Valentine, let’s revice the Mixtape by making a Mixed CD!  If your Valentine doesn’t have a CD player anymore, then she/he may have a car stereo ? And of course the CD can be played on any PC.

  1.  Think of the content: maybe the first songs you danced to,  the soundtack to his/her favourite movies, etc.. (the more romantic the better !).
  2. Collect the Mp3s that you want to put in your compilation. If you do not have them available, you can download them from any music website, like Grooveshark with our VSO Downloader Ultimate. If the music you want is part of a video (ie if you download them from Youtube) then select the “convert to MP3″ option in VSO Downloader.
  3. Install our CopyTo software (it is free for 3 weeks, so make the most of it if you don’t want to buy the program)


  1. Select the “audio CD” option. Drag and drop all your tracks , rearrange them, when you’re all set, insert a CD and click on burn!


Get creative with the packaging:


You’re done. Best personal present EVER. Don’t thank me.