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London calling

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London was the place to be this week!

The National Television Awards took place on Wednesday, where my all-time favourite show Downton Abbey was voted Best Drama and David Tennant received a special recognition award.

Speaking of David Tennant, the new season of Broadchurch    (excellent show that puts to shame its US adaptation, Gracepoint, which was cancelled after one season) is now airing in the UK! You can download the first season and the first 3 episodes of the second season here, with our VSO Downloader, for free.


This week, London was also hosting the 2015 Toy Fair. And this year, tech-enhanced toys were everywhere, with voice-controlled drones in all shapes and sizes and robot dinosaurs (so, not just for kids, right?)

Here is a selection of what caught our attention:

The Rollercopter, an helicopter drone trapped in a cage, so it doesn’t get damaged when touching the walls or the ceiling:



Meet the Miposaur: a highly intelligent pet dinosaur that can be controlled with a swipe of the hand. It also comes with its own toy, a hi-tech trackball. The ball can be used as a virtual lead to take your dinosaur for a walk and be shaken to make it dance.  Don’t pull its tail though or he will try to bite you!




Also, LEGO unveiled a Frozen “Ice castle”, some amazing new Star Wars sets and announced a Scooby-Doo release for this spring.


And finally, there is still time to go to the London Art Fair (on until Jan,25th) as it is a unique occasion to admire/buy rare vintage movie posters like these ones:

Snap138 Snap137

Alright guv’nor!

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