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How to survive without wifi

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Do you find yourself in a place without an internet connection ? Your Ipad battery is dead? There is NOTHING to watch on TV ?

Nevermind, why not grab a book instead?

Here is our ultimate guide to reads you will enjoy, based on your favourite TV series!

If you like The Walking Dead, you should read:


World War Z, by Max Brooks.Well this is an obvious one, since Max Brooks is the “pope” of zombie litterature. This book -way different than the movie of the same name by the way-  is a collection of interviews of people who survived the great zombie apocalypse. It’s a compelling and fascinating tale of  survival and how to reconstruct your life after such an ordeal. A must-read.


The Road by Cormac Mc Carthy. While there are no zombie here, the book is set in the post-apocalyptic hell of a dangerous, bleak, cold, dark, barren America, where the snow falls down gray and where people turn into cannibals to survive. A man and his young son (that will remind you of Rick and Carl from the series) are moving south toward the coast, looking for life, food and warmth. A disturbing yet beautiful tale of hopelessness and love.

If you’re a Game Of Thrones addict, you should read:


The Accursed Kings Series by Maurice Druon. R.R. Martins claims this is the original inspiration behind his books, stating that “the Starks and the Lannisters have nothing on the Capets and the Plantagenets.”  The seven-novel series follows the intrigues, passions, murders, and backstabbing within the French dynasty in the 1300s.


I, Claudius by Robert Graves. Fashioned as an autobiography, it describes the reign of Roman Emperor Claudius (considered an idiot because of his physical infirmities) and the various power struggles, intrigues and poisoning going on behind and in front of the throne. Does this ring a bell?

If you’re a Downton Abbey fan, you should read:


Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey tells the story behind Highclere Castle, the real-life inspiration and setting for the TV show, and the biography of one of its most famous inhabitants, Lady Almina, the 5th Countess of Carnarvon. Of course life at Highclere was certainly something to be envied and the book gives great insight as to how such a household operates. A must for any Downton Fan!


Past Imperfect, by Julian Fellowes, the actual creator of Downton Abbey! As you already know from the TV show, Julian Fellowes is a sharp-witted observer of English social class and a talented writer : this novel won’t disappoint you!  It tells the story of a very rich middle-aged man forced to revisit his past as he sets himself (and others) to the task of finding his heir.

If you are still mourning the end of Mad Men, you should read:


From Those Wonderful Folks Who Gave You Pearl Harbor: Front-Line Dispatches from the Advertising War  by Jerry della Femina. Vividly reminiscent of the goings-on at Sterling Cooperthe late nights, the three-martini lunches, the sex on couches, and, of course, the actual work of plugging productsthis is the story of what Madison Avenue was really like in the ’60s. A worldwide bestseller when first published in 1970, this frank, irreverent, and hilarious memoir is a one-of-a-kind cult classic.


Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates. (you may have seen the movie with Leo di Caprio and Kate Winslet, but the book is even better!)  This classic suburban drama, written in 1961, is about a couple (bearing an uncannily similarity to Don and Betty Draper) that lives the american dream : a good job, a pretty wife, nice kids, and a home in the suburbs… in other words, a life of exquisite monotony… Trouble is around the curb!

Let me know what you think of this selection and what books you would recommend!