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How to beat the heat wave

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If like us in the South West of France you’re in an area where the heat is almost unbearable, you may be craving some “refreshing entertainement”. We have just what you need: an awesome TV series that’s set in the artic!


Bring on the polar bears, glaciers, snowstorms and of course, the odd murder. . “ It’s not just the cold that kills”… Welcome to Fortitude!

Fortitude is an icy thriller set on the remote island of Svalbard, deep in the Arctic Circle. The  town of a little over 700 people, where polar bears outnumber people,  is dubbed the “safest place on earth”…. But all that changes when a gruesome murder threatens to tear apart the close-knit community. The local sheriff and the hot-shot new arrival from Britain (and former FBI agent) will attempt to solve the crime. There starts a thrilling journey into the Arctic where the secrets of the secluded characters will slowly be unlocked….

A stellar cast: Michael Gambon  (Happy Potter’s Dumblemore), Game of Thrones’ Richard Dormer, Jessica Rayne (Call the midwife), Stanley Tucci, Christopher Eccleston + a puzzling plot + a fascinating premise and you have the finest of the nouveau genre “Nordic Noir”, that includes other shows like Borgen, Wallander and The Killing .(Talking about The Killing, if you’re more into rain than snow, I urge you to watch the excellent US version, set in a (very) rainy Seattle.)


Now go download these two chilling series with the free VSO Downloader, grab your thermals and turn the AC off!