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Happy father’s day

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Aren’t fathers just impossible to shop for? They never need nor want anything….. But fear not, I am coming to the rescue! This year, I am bringing you the best movie/serie inspired board games ideas for Father’s day.

Because, let’s face it, what will make your dad really happy is kick your ass at a good old game of Monopoly!

Talking about Monopoly, it sems that every franchise has signed a deal with them, so take your pick: The Walking Dead,  Lord of the rings, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones


Same licences with RISK games that are also an Hasbro brand :  The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, etc…


The Parker Brothers have retaliated to the Hasbro invasion with licensed Clue games (Cluedo for everyone outside the US ) of their own: Sherlock edition (BBC show), Harry Potter Clue or The Simpsons!




There are also some amazing chess sets out there. Of course you have the classic Star Wars Snap472

but also the Aliens VS Predator Chess Piece:


In case your dad is a Star Wars fan, then why not challenge him to a game of this Trivial Pursuit special edition? Snap490

And if your father doubles up as a super hero (and a D.C. Comics enthousiast) then  this deck-building game is for him!Snap492

And finally, because your dad is the (God)father after all,  nothing will please him more than to step into the shoes of a mob boss and (try to) control rackets in the ‘hoods with ‘The Godfather Game’


More great board games on our Pinterest board!

PS:If your dad is good in the kitchen (or if he’s now called Caitlyn), why not steal some ideas from our Mother’s day gift guide?