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Say goodbye to your day’s productivity!

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Whether, you’re bored, in procrastinate mood or like me, sick with a big cold , (or simply, because it’s Friday), I have the answer to brighten up your day!

Warning: If you have an urgent assignment to do/ have to go pick up the kids from school or have a pizza cooking in the oven, don’t read further. We decline all responsability!

  Live zoo webcams

I don’t understand why live zoo webcams are not compulsory at every workplace.. They are the answer to EVERYTHING!

Just had an argument with a coworker ? Go check on the meerkats at London Zoo to cool down.


The vending machine stole your money ? The otters will make you forget all about it.


Need inspiration for that report  you are presenting in 15 mins ? Go focus on the elephant’s antics at the National Zoo!

The San Diego Zoo also has a koala and a panda cam! How awesome is that?



This app is as awesome as it is addictive. If you are a traveler at heart, or just curious, or just lucky, give Geoguessr a try! (I didn’t say “one” try, because that’s just impossible).

The concept is simple: a StreetView image opens and the challenge is to figure out where you are in the world.

At VSO Software we use Geoguessr to arbitrate any argument or issue.  If we want a pay rise, we challenge the boss to a game of Geoguessr!! (Well not really but this is definitely something we should consider…)


Why are there still wars in the world, when we have Procatinator ??? I mean: a great song coupled with a picture of a cat.  Or another one. Or another one …?????

Chickens on a raft

And last , but not least, an awesome breed between the most stupid and brilliant idea ever. Cannot believe a human brain invented this website and was NOT rewarded by a nobel prize!


Now go and do some work!