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Can’t wait for Friday…

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Leave the SAG Awards behind (which was basically a copy and paste of the Golden Globes) , forget the Sundance festival  for a while:  there is a much more important event to focus on this week!

Yes, Friday 30th is the day you’ve been waiting for all year: it’s “International Fun at Work day”. Yay!!!

Whether you’re going to host a karaoke, have an office chair race or cover a workstation in aluminium foil, start working on your idea now, as you have just a few days to get ready. Check out these great office prank stories to get some inspiration.


At VSO Software, we’re brainstorming hard for this year’s event. We are a fun team (well if we manage to wake up the developers) and each year the challenge gets bigger and bigger. We’re no stranger to tempering with a co-worker’s PC to have the mouse work on its own or changing their screensaver, putting salt in one’s coffee (a classic), coming to work in swimming trunks, flip flops and with a beach towel on your last day before vacation, or photoshoping one’s picture and framing it … we even went sledging one winter afternoon (and used bin bags as sleighs) and  I also took my dog to work once …


We happen to have an intern at the office at the moment, so if I were him I’d be worried to come to work on Friday 🙂