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Our ultimate Christmas gift guide

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Forget the ties and socks: this year you’re going to offer some great presents that will really make people happy!

Actually the gifts on this list are so awesome you will want them for yourself, so don’t hesitate to forward this post to your beloved ones or share it on Facebook/twitter (share icons are on the right —>)!

For the How I Met Your Mother fan: Time to suit up and wear these amazing silk, Barney-approuved pajamas or “suitjamas” : these are – wait for it- legendary!



For the Game Of Thrones  addict: Make your toilet your ruling chair with this mind-blowing Game of Throne decal.

GOT toilet decal


For the Star Wars fanatic: Don’t waste money buying a new car when you can pimp your ride with this Star Wars sunshade! Pretty cool , hey?



For the Breaking Bad junkie: follow Walter White’ footsteps and play with this Chemistry cocktail set:



For the Psycho nostalgic: Norman Bates is in the house! Scare off your guests with this great Psycho inspired shower curtain:



For the Harry Potter devotee: Fancy joining Hogwarth? Yes, there is such a thing as a school of witchcraft. Hosted in a  castle in Poland, The College of Wizardry is a live-action role play (LARP) organised by volunteers in which players take the roles of students. There, you will be able to study areas like fighting the dark arts as curse-breakers, training as a healer, working with magical animals or studying the unspeakable… It’s open to adults only: you can signup now for the April 16–19 2015 “COW” event.

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