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Cancel your holiday plans

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You have some serious TV watching to do this summer!

Whoever said that all the major TV shows only came out in the fall season was WRONG. This summer (and especially this month) the networks are treating us with some really good stuff.

See for yourself and take your pick!

True Detective (season 2) (HBO) June, 21st

A brand new story, a brand new cast (Colin Farell, Vince Vaughn, Rachel Adams…). Set  in LA , the new season will revolve around three police officers and a longtime criminal, in the aftermath of a murder…

Ballers (HBO) June 21st

The show centers on Spencer (Dwayne Johnson’s character) as he navigates his way through the football management world, after ending his own professional career. As a sports agent, he has to manage and help his clients, friends, and families through the glamour and grime of professional sports.

Humans (AMC) June 28th

HUMANS, a bold new eight-part drama, is set in a parallel present where the latest must-have gadget for any busy family is a ‘Synth’- a highly-developed robotic servant eerily similar to its live counterpart.

Orange is The new Black (Season 3) (Netflix) June,12

Do I need to pitch this one? No. Binge watching is on order, full stop.

Fear the Walking Dead, AMC, August

A Walking Dead prequel! Yes!!! Set in Los Angeles, the show will give us a glimpse of what the world was like as it was transitioning into the zombie apocalypse. The show has already been approved for 2 seasons! Premiere date: 23rd August.

So who’s going to stay indoors all summer ?