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Best of movie-inspired Super Bowl commercials

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Let’s all agree on this: the only exciting things about the Super Bowl are the party food, the commercials and the half time entertainer’s wardrobe malfunction(s).

I particularly like the commercials, because it’s like Oscars night for the big brands. You (supposedly) get only the best of what marketing and TV ads have to offer.

Not surprisingly, movies have always been a big inspiration for the Super Bowl commercials, especially for car manufacturers.

Take the Kia ad you’ll see this Sunday, featuring Pierce Brosnan/007:

Last year, Kia already had a movie-themed commercial  with The Matrix:

But my favorite one is of course the Volkswagen Star Wars “The Force”:

Also, do you remember the bark side ?

Volkswagen were at it again last year with their modern reinterpretation of famous line “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings” from “ It’s a Wonderful Life”.

In 2013 it was Honda who successfully brought back Matthew Broderick to play a grown-up version of Ferris Bueller:

FedEx have also been riffing on classic movies for their Super Bowl commercials, like Castaway in 2003:

and the Wizard of Oz  in 2000 (complete with Munchkins and Toto):

Can’t wait till Sunday? Get a glimpse of some of this year’s Super Bowl commercials here.