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Best of British, Part 2

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If you’ve been  good and already read my previous post: “Best of British Part 1”, here are more recent British shows that I absolutely recommend.

If you haven’t read part 1, then please do so, you’re missing out.

The Fall: starring Jamie Dornan (that you will see with less clothes on in the upcoming “50 shades of Grey” movie) and Gillian Anderson (for ever’ The X files’ agent Scully) star in this northern Ireland gripping psychological thriller: a disturbing, addictive and very dark hunt for a serial killer.


Call the Midwife: set in post-war East London, this terrific show transports us into the fascinating lives of midwives and doctors in a working-class community setting. “Call the Midwife” has it all: outstanding cast, historical accuracy, great storylines (it’s not all about delivering babies), humor and drama.


The Hunted. A classic tale of a hunter being hunted with a female spy (the beautiful Melissa George) looking for revenge. This show is a smart, complex and contemporary spy series.

Another underrated BBC gem

This should be enough to entertain your winter evenings…

here’s my 2 cents on what makes British shows so good ( most of the time superior to the American ones):  apart from having a smaller number of episodes, (which keeps the plot quick and exciting), storyline is king. With US series,  you can assume that the leading actors will be there season after season, while in in the UK , the heros can be killed of at any time. This leaves a lot of room for cliffhangers and surprises.

If you have other great recent UK series to recommend, please do so using the comments section.