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Our ultimate guide to becoming an internet sensation

2 min read

Got internet connection? Got a cat? You’re rich!!!!!

Here’s how:

Get a funny looking cat and put it on instagram/facebook/youtube, then let endorsements, licenses, book deals, and filmed appearances do the rest….  BAM you’re 100$ million richer, like Grumpy cat’s owner!


If your cat has a “regular face”, all is not lost. Maybe it has an unexpected talent for shell games and you can take it gambling with you,  like this cat:

With potential earnings up to 275 000$, Tara the hero cat has been a real internet sentation with only one Youtube video. Time to train your fur ball to defend its territory!

And finally if you do not own a cat, but you’re good with computers and have a total lack of taste for anything remotely “artistic”, why not make a Nyan cat -style video? Earning 40,000$ per year for making “this”  is definitely a well-paid job! (and yes it goes on for ten hours…):

If you have neither cat nor computer skills, then there is still a way to save money with this last “trick” (and a penny saved is a penny earned, right?) . Simply cancel your cable subscription. Yes, you heard me.

Cancel your cable subscription and only download what you really want to watch (ie Game of Thrones and any other great shows that I recommend on this blog) FOR FREE. Simply wait a few hours after the episode of your choice is aired on any netwok, then go to this streaming website. Open your FREE VSO Downloader, play the video and DANG it’s downloaded onto your PC. Bye bye Netflix/HBO/Fox fees!