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5 reasons to rejoice this week-end !

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If you haven’t been paying attention to the important matters of the world his week, let Videora enlighten you!

Here is what you missed:

1. The upcoming Star Wars movie, has a name: “The force awakens”, and a release date: Dec 18, 2015.

You now have 13  months left to brainstorm about what this title can tell you about the storyline !



2. Downton Abbey has been renewed for a sixth season.

In other words: the end of the world has been postponed to 2016



3. HBO has aired an unmisseable 4-part drama this week: Olive Kitteridge, starring Frances McDormand and Bill Murray (need I say more?) . Catch up with the two episodes already aired on this streaming website.



  1. AMC has released a “behind the scenes” video for their upcoming new show “Better Call Saul”, the Breaking Bad spinoff (aka: our only reason to live this winter) : Exciting or what???


  1. Interstellar is released today (in the US). But is it worth all the buzz? Check out what the critics are saying



You may now go back to your cave.