Our fall TV show reviews

With almost one out of two new TV series cancelled after only one season (or even a handful of episodes in some cases), let’s check what is worth watching this season and which new shows are likely to get axed.

I should warn you first, that for now, none of the new shows have set my “awesome series” radar on. So let ‘s wait and see what the future brings!

 The “why not” series :



The show explores Batman’s childhood. It’s dark and the characters are strong, but true Marvel fans might not see the point in the spinoff:  it’s one of those “love it or hate it” show.


The Affair

Reviews are raving about this show, eventhough it hasn’t aired yet, (the pilot is already available). The story follows the testimonies of a man and a woman engaged in an affair that apparently went wrong. It has depth, intelligence, great characters, and a touch of mistery that is very, very promising.


The Flash:

The storyline is based on the DC Comics character: after a lab explosion, Barry Allen becomes the fastest man alive and helps the cops fight crime in Central City.

The verdict: if you like men in tights (aka super heroes), you should enjoy “The Flash”. The pilot doesn’t disappoint and shows a lot of potential.



I wouldn’t have bet money on this show, given it was described as “a satire of modern society” (yawn). But it stars John Chow, and you can’t go wrong there. It’s actually a refreshing, funny, enjoyable show, eventhough the novelty might wear off after a few episodes.



The “disappointing” series:


How to get away with murder:

Shonda Rhimes, “mother” of Grey’s anatomy and Scandal, doesn’t seem to be third time lucky with her new offspring.

How to Get Away With Murder follows a group of hyperambitious know-it-all law students as they get mixed up in a homicide plot that involves their criminal law professor. The characters are very predictable and not likeable at all. The only good thing about Viola Davis, the law teacher, is her screen name, Annalise (same as mine). She is cold, manipulative in a very uninteresting way.  It’s one of those super fast “cat always falls back on its feet” shows, which are well wrapped but have no depth.  Let’s see if the show manages to get away with it in the upcoming episodes…



You really have to wonder why this US remake of the excellent British serie Broadchurch had to be made. The plot centers on the murder investigation of a young boy in a small seaside town, where everybody becomes a suspect.  The amazing David Tennant is back playing the main detective, but has dropped his Scottish accent (this by the way, should be a criminal offence).  However it stars Anna Gunn (Walter White’s wife in Breaking Bad) and, so far they’re following the british script to the letter, so obviously it can’t be bad. The killer will be different from that of the British twin, so I guess it’s worth watching even though I can’t see the drama getting nowhere near as good as the original.


The “don’t bother” series:

State of affairs: Katherine Heigl is a “ beautiful, brilliant CIA analyst with a great mind and uncanny instincts when tracking international baddies but who engages in reckless behavior when she’s off the clock”. You’ve heard that one before, right ?  State of affairs is no Homeland though. No need for a crystal ball to guess this show will never see a season 2.


Bad Judge: It’s the story of a judge by day/badass by night. Even though it stars Kate Walsh (and her legs), it’s just very plain and SO cliché.  You can pass on this one. Or watch it, just for Kate Walsh’s legs sake.


This is obviously a small selection of all new shows, and my opinion might change along the way, since  only the pilot episodes were available at time of writing.

Let me know which new serie you’re rooting for and which ones should go down the drain!

Remember, you don’t have to be in front of your TV to watch the shows on their scheduled airing. They’re all available in streaming  and can be downloaded legally with the FREE VSO Downloader.






Winter is coming!

wnter is coming

If you have no idea what the three letters GOT mean, you’re a lucky person (and it’s time to get out of your cave now). GOT is short for Games of Thrones, which is in my very unbiased opinion, the best show currently on TV. You’re lucky because, now  you get to enjoy  the first 4 seasons already aired (yes that’s 40 episodes of “OH NO!!” “OMG!!!” and “WTF?” ) while the rest of us, are painfully waiting for season 5like zombies. So tell your boss you’re in sick this week, you have some catching up to do. You can download Game of Thrones on any streaming website and use our free VSO Downloader to retrieve them on your PC.

Anyway, if you haven’t yet watched the first 4 series, do not read on as we have some AMAZING SPOILERS!!!

While season 5 will not be aired until April 2015, and while it is extremely difficult to get any insider’s info on the show’s current filming, I, Videora,  am bringing you the following scoop:


  1. Hodor and Bran, as well as Wilder Frey will not be part of season 5. It looks like their storyline will pick up again in season 6.


2. However Tywin Lannister is on this season’s cast, presumably returning as a “ flashback” character , since he’s supposed to have been killed by Tyron at the end of season 4.

3. Also the storyline will introduce the Martell and Sand clans (with Dorne as new location), so be ready for a lot of new cast members:


4. Meanwhile at King’s landing, things are not looking so rosy for Cersei. While producers have allegedly spent $200 000 to keep the production under wraps, some pictures leaked from the set earlier this week  of a naked, shaved and bloody Cersei forced to endure the humiliation and wrath of the common people.


Apparently Margaery manages to marry her late husband’s brother and current king, Tommen, but not without facing the wrath of Cersei, who tries to frame her for adultery. This doesn’t go according to plan, if we trust the above picture.

That’s all for now! I hope these spoilers will help you keep going for a while until GOT returns to the TV screens in (sigh) no less than six months…

Yours truly, Videora



A few days ago, I asked Videora if she knew what was going on at the Bárðarbunga.

Her answer was: barda-what ? I don’t know what’s happening there, because I don’t know what it is.

So Videora, Bárðarbunga is not the new hype du jour TV drama. It is a Iceland volcano  currently erupting.  You can watch it as if you were there with this pretty impressive video of the eruption, taken by a drone.

Yes Videora, you can keep the video for your own archive, using our  video downloader software.


It’s movie trivia time!


dead people

Let’s play the « quote » game !

We’ll start off with a “not so easy” one. The first person to give the name of the movie from which the quote below is taken from,  wins a VSO Downloader Ultimate license for free!!!

Use the “Leave a comment” feature above (right under the title) to participate and indicate the movie name.

Ready ?

Here is the quote:

“I do wish we could chat longer, but I’m having an old friend for dinner. Bye.”


Here comes the bride

This week-end , the world saw with horror the most eligible coffee-sipping bachelor being taken off the market, leaving millions of women desperate (and angry)!

Yes, George Clooney got married in Venice (how cliché!). Apparently the wedding was OK eventhough rather uneventful.

Maybe I’ve been watching too much TV but I like my weddings surprising and if possible a little bloody.

Can you really enjoy a wedding where NOBODY gets stood up at the altar?

Remember Yang and Burke in Grey’s Anatomy?yang

Remember Ted and whatever her name in How I met your Mother?


And that poor Lady Edith in Downton Abbey ? (well he was too old for her anyway)



You mean, nuptials without any blood shed?

You wouldn’t have that in Game of Thrones, thank God!





Really, a wedding where the bride didn’t runaway and got married with another bloke on the same day??

At least  Avery and Keppner from Grey’s Anatomy, again, got that one right!


So I’m glad I wasn’t invited to that BORING wedding, since NOBODY fell off a gondola and none of his ex-girlfriends tried to crash the ceremony.

I mean, even Brad Pitt didn’t show up either.


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