Our tribute to Carrie fisher

We can’t believe it’s been a month since Carrie Fisher passed away…

To celebrate her role as the world’s favorite princess, we’ve compiled some incredible behind the scenes / between takes /rarely seen before pictures.

If you feel like watching the trilogy, or all of Star Wars movies, here are the streaming links.

We also loved Bright Lights,  the recent documentary retracing Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds lives.

Find out how to retrieve these videos with our VSO Downloader

More awesome behind the scenes pictures: http://imgur.com/a/0RmF7 

You will be missed, princess Leia!

How to stream a video (and download it), the ultimate guide!

The internet is a wonderful thing, especially when it allows access to great video content, for free! Yep,  nowadays, no need to pay for expensive cable tv or video on demand subscriptions: all new TV series or movies are available in streaming on the net!

In this quick guide I will show you the ropes to learn how to watch videos in streaming, avoid the pitfalls and retrieve the video content on your PC for playback in your own time.

Step 1: Find a great streaming website

There are quite a few video streaming websites out there, here are the ones we can recommend:

For TV shows:




For movies:




NB: These websites very often change names and url,  we will try to update the list above as often as necessary, let us know if you need alternatives.

Step 2:  Be smart

The one thing to know about streaming websites, and that is true for all of them: they’re riddled with all kinds of ads. That’s the rule of the game: you want free contents, but these websites still need revenue, so they’ll annoy you with ads. Fear not, with this warning and a little practice you’ll be able to identify and close ads and quickly download only the content that you want.

Remember: don’t fall for those pop up contents. Sometimes you’ll get a pop-up just by entering the series name in the search section!

Do not sign up for anything, install any program or believe anything those deceptive ads tell you (your pc is at risk, you need to update a plugin, a virus has been detected, etc). Also be aware that some of those pop ups display “adult content”… Simply close them as they appear, and if they won’t go away, insist!

Step 3: Find the right streaming link

Let’s use  onwatchseries.to for our quick guide:

It  hosts a very comprehensive catalogue of TV series , usually the episodes are available minutes after they’re aired on TV. Select the Tv series, season and episode you want to watch.

You will get a list of hosting links:

Some of these links will yield more ads than others, and some of them will have dead links. The rule here is to insist: if one link doesn’t work, pick another one! We usually get less ads with the daclips, vidzi and openload links.

You may land on “transition” pages, asking you to wait/ click on another link, so go ahead, and always be wary that they do not lead you to pages unrelated to the video itself, or to “fake” download/watching links.

And then you’ll finally land on the actual streaming page! Yay!

 Step 4: Watch or retrieve video

If you want to download the video onto your PC, this is when you need to open our free VSO Downloader. This little tool is simply amazing as it will automatically detect and download the video in seconds onto your PC.

So now you have your VSO Downloader open, you just have to press Play on the video:

One last warning: you may have a “fake” play button or yet another ad in the middle of the video. Look for the grey X icon by the side of it to close it and make the “real” play button appear.

The video might buffer a bit or take a few seconds to actually start playing, BUT the VSO Downloader has already retrieved it : you can close the video player! Yep, no more buffering!!!

The video will be downloaded in seconds and saved in the “VSO Downloader” folder in “Documents”!

Step 5: Enjoy!!! 

Catch up on those TV series everyone ‘s talking about, get the latest episodes without spending a dime, watch the videos whenever /wherever you want (the Ultimate version includes a video converter for playback on many devices)!

No more excuses for not being up to date with the latest movies or TV shows!! And keep reading this blog (subscribe here) to get the latest info on what to watch!

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Then enter our contest and you may win one of  the 5 Goldmemberships we’re giving away!

At VSO, we do have a lot of DVD and Blu-ray players for testing purposes. And as you can see from the picture below,  we may not have the most organized and neat “plugging”system.

VSO Downloader ultimate free licence

The question is simple: there are 6 plugs on the rack. Which one connects to the player highlighted with the arrows (third down from the top)?

A, B, C, D , E or F?

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Congratulations to Adam, Jason, David, Vid and Franck!

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Best TV shows of 2016: our pick

What a year this has been ! So many TV shows out there, so little time to watch them…

Here is the VSO Team selection of the shows we loved this year, and how to watch them for free!

So get your VSO Downloader (free) ready, open it, and for each show below, click on the streaming link: play the video , it will automatically be downloaded by VSO Downloader!

10. Love (Netflix)

This arty TV series came a little unnoticed back in February, and it’s a shame, because it is a great modern tale of a love/friendship story.

Stream it here

9. The OA (Netflix)

Yep, we’re till in 2016, so this one counts, eventhough it landed on your screens less than a week ago. Just like Stranger Things (see below), the sci-fi series came out of nowhere and is already creating much controversy: you love it or you hate it. In our case, we totally let ourselves be captured by this unique, strange yet compelling adventure.

Stream it here

.8. Stranger Things (Netflix)

Let’s wrap this one in one sentence: if you liked E.T. and The Goonies, you’ll love Stranger Things! The biggest TV story of  the summer has created a genuine phenomenon, mixing supernatural elements and 80’s nostalgia, so hop on the bandwagon! Stream it here.


7. Crazy Ex Girlfriend (The CW)

This series is unlike anything you’ve seen before. It’s funny, crazy, clever, and  so much more than just a “musical romantic comedy”. Give it a go, I promise you’ll be hooked. Stream it here.

6. Westworld (HBO)

The sci-fi western series will definitely blow you away with its amazing acting , superb scenery and thrilling plot. Clear time in your schedule for this highly addictive and unique show!

Stream it here

5. The Missing (season 2, BBC 1)

The Missing  season 2 (brand new investigation, so no need to have watched Season 1),  is simply breathtaking.   The series  follows a young girl who turns up after going missing eleven years ago in Germany. All the ingredients are here for an exceptional psychological thriller: superb storytelling, excellent actors, quick-paced scenario…. This absolutely riveting show makes high budget US drama look very pale in comparison.

Stream it here.

4. This Is Us (NBC)

It is this year’s (this decade’s?) most compelling family drama on TV! I sang the praises of this utterly addictive show after it aired only 3 episodes on the blog.  Now that we’ve got to the mid-season finale, we haven’t changed our mind one bit.  We LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!

Stream it here

3. Happy Valley (BBC1)

A deep, intense thriller, set in a desolated town that’s anything but “happy”, and , lucky you, already two 6-episode seasons to catch up with! Happy Valley is a gem, full stop. Stream it here

2. Peaky Blinders (BBC2)

Yes I know, this show is not new, but it’s still the best thing on TV for three years in a row now. Trust me, just watch the first episode of this pre-war gangster drama set in Birmingham and you’ll be hooked! Stream it here

  1. The Night Of (HBO)

Who would have thought that this 8 part drama that came out of the blue in the middle of the summer would have turned out to be such an exquisite, delectable, yet dark and twisted show? If you had just one series to fit in your schedule, it would be this one. Read my review here.

Stream it here.


So what do you think? Have you watched any of these? Which ones made your list?


Play videos on your TV with a USB stick


usb movie

Stop wasting time and money on DVD burning! If you have a (recent) TV or a DVD player with a USB pendrive, then you may be able to play your videos directly from the USB stick!

The first thing to know is that, depending on the brand and model of your device, different video and audio formats will be accepted.

For instance, as strange as it may seems, if you have a DVD player with a USB slot, you will not be able to play a DVD video from this device, eventhough you’ll plug it into a DVD player. The same is true for Blu-ray.


So the first thing to do is to read your device instruction manual or google your TV or DVD player reference to check the supported formats of the USB playback. Most user manual are available on the manufacture webpage. Supported video formats may include Avi, Mp4, Xvid and audio formats are usually MP3/AAC.

Then, once that you know the compatible  format, use our ConvertXtoVideo to convert the file accordingly!

The list of outputs is on the bottom right:

convert avi

Each video format offers “sub formats” so you can use the one with the right combination of video and audio:


Then press “Start” to start the conversion. Once it’s done, the software will open the “destination” folder where the conversion is saved. Simply copy the video file and copy it onto your USB stick.  Then connect the USB device to the USB port (usually on the front of the unit), select the device and video with the remote control of your DVD player and press Play!

That’s it!

video on usb

If you’re unsure of which file formats will be accepted by your player with a USB device, let us know and we’ll check it for you!

NB:  Few TV screens (only some recent ones) actually accept video through the USB slot. Most of the time you’ ll only be able to view pictures and not videos.

NB2: Your USB device must be formatted in FAT 32.

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