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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


As we (the VSO Software team) are living in Toulouse in the South West of France, we rarely get snow. So when we do, we get all excited , a little too much perhaps. The whole city comes to a halt, and brave workers like me put on their snow boots and walk half an hour to get to work!

And to prove it, here are some pictures of my morning stroll, with a look at the Unesco World heritage Canal du Midi:




Oops!  Have a great day!


Can’t wait for Friday…


Leave the SAG Awards behind (which was basically a copy and paste of the Golden Globes) , forget the Sundance festival  for a while:  there is a much more important event to focus on this week!

Yes, Friday 30th is the day you’ve been waiting for all year: it’s “International Fun at Work day”. Yay!!!

Whether you’re going to host a karaoke, have an office chair race or cover a workstation in aluminium foil, start working on your idea now, as you have just a few days to get ready. Check out these great office prank stories to get some inspiration.


At VSO Software, we’re brainstorming hard for this year’s event. We are a fun team (well if we manage to wake up the developers) and each year the challenge gets bigger and bigger. We’re no stranger to tempering with a co-worker’s PC to have the mouse work on its own or changing their screensaver, putting salt in one’s coffee (a classic), coming to work in swimming trunks, flip flops and with a beach towel on your last day before vacation, or photoshoping one’s picture and framing it … we even went sledging one winter afternoon (and used bin bags as sleighs) and  I also took my dog to work once …


We happen to have an intern at the office at the moment, so if I were him I’d be worried to come to work on Friday 🙂



Win a VSO Software license!


It’s green, it’s alive, it sometimes floats, it sits on my desk in a bowl with pebbles and I never need to feed it.

I’ve named it Oscar and it’s supposed to give me inspiration and peace of mind.

Any idea what it is?

Send me your guess,  I’ll handpick one winner amongst the answers received by Monday 17th. The winner will receive a license of a VSO program of its choice (except Goldmember).

(I’ll accept the real name, the latin one, as well as its various known nicknames. If you have no idea what it is,  you can try to make it up, if it makes me laugh, you’re in the draw! 😆 )

Update: The competition is now over. It looks like there weren’t any biology specialists amongst the participants! The green stuff is a Marimo, a Japanese Algae…   But Ralph suggested it was a hairpiece for VSO’s boss, so he wins!


Hello world!



My name is Videora and I am pleased to welcome you to the VSO Software Blog.

As a super hero I have some amazing special powers : I can spot a great TV show or movie or a funny Youtube video from far away and before everyone else. I’m also super skilled to process all the industry info and only deliver what’s important knowing.

On this blog, you will find news, surveys, funny stuff, videos of drunk cats and hamsters (not necessarily together) and get some education about what’s worth watching (and maybe even converting with our software).

Of course, because I work at VSO, you’ll also get the low-down on what’s going on at the office, including photos of the beautifully patterned shirts won by the boss. Also, if I’m bored, I’ll post pictures of what I see from my office window.

Have fun and please let me know if you would like to see anything (legal) featured on this blog or if you get tired of my quoting “The Godfather” and “Breaking Bad”.


(it’s not my real name by the way)


PS: Please excuse in advance my slight obsession with Game of Thrones.

PS 2: In case you didn’t know, VSO Software is an amazing company developing  video converting and downloading programs.