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Why is this year’s Cannes film festival revolutionary?

Forget wardrobe malfunctions and other actor’s tantrums, this year’s most prestigious film festival is all about embracing TV (or trying to)!

Cannes first wardrobe malfunction, courtesy of Bella Hadid

Indeed, the lineup at each year’s Cannes Film Festival often includes a few surprises, but this year we’re in for a treat!

For the first time (and apparently the last, read on), two Netflix movies will be competing in the race for the Palme d’Or. The outrage here is that those movies will never be screened in cinema theaters, but only on the TV subscription service!

Even the members of the jury disagreed, (president Pedro Almodovar suggested the movies should not win anything while his fellow jury member Will Smith defended  Netflix move).  The controversy heightened at the first movie premiere , Okja by Bong Joon-ho (excellent director of “The Snowpiercer”), where the film was booed and a curious curtain malfunction hid the screen for the first few minutes… It was later announced  that from now on the festival would not shortlist any movies that would not be distributed in French cinemas theaters.

The second Netflix movie is called The Meyerowitz Stories and stars Adam Sandler, Dustin Hoffman and Ben Stiller, will screen on May, 21st.

This year,  film festival will also host for the first time special screenings of TV shows! Two of its award winning directors, David Lynch and Jane Campion, will premiere their new series at Cannes!

The first two parts of Twin Peaks (the new TV series, not the movie that won the Palme d’Or ) will have a special screening on May, 26 th (while it will have already premiered on Sunday, 21st on Showtime.)

The second installment of Top of the Lake (titled “China Girl”), starring Elisabeth Moss and Nicole Kidman, will be screened in its entirety, before its actual premiers in September on Sundance TV.

So is Cannes embracing television after all?

In any case, if you’re a fan of the glam surrounding the festival and the gossip of the film industry,  I suggest you watch a great French TV series about the world of talent agents, Call My Agent streaming on Netflix or here.


Create a Romantic Movie Night

Don’t have a big budget or don’t want to make a big effort on  Valentine’s Day but still want to impress your loved one? We’ve got you covered!

Here is how to create the ultimate romantic movie night in your living room!

First of all, stage your living room for the occasion and create a special atmosphere: candles, lights,  scattered red rose petals or confetti hearts sprinkles… And why not create a cozy blanket fort ?

Show how much you love her/him with a custom card, or special attentions scattered around the house:

Next, food! You can’t go wrong with a heart shaped pizza! (Simply order a regular pizza and cut a heart shape into it). Also works with burgers!!

Don’t compromise on the essential popcorn but make it special, Valentine’s way.

And finally, there’s no escaping a good old romantic movie!  Take your pick from the list below, click on the title to access the streaming website and use your VSO Downloader to download the movie onto your PC. Then use ConvertXtoDVD to convert and burn it to DVD and watch it on the big screen! (both programs have a 7 day full and free trial)


When Harry Met Sally 

Pride and Prejudice


Love Story

 Pretty Woman 

 Breakfast at Tiffany’s 

Sleepless in Seattle

Crazy, Stupid, Love 

The Notebook 

Love Actually  



Notting Hill   

And of course, don’t forget the tissues!



Our tribute to Carrie fisher

We can’t believe it’s been a month since Carrie Fisher passed away…

To celebrate her role as the world’s favorite princess, we’ve compiled some incredible behind the scenes / between takes /rarely seen before pictures.

If you feel like watching the trilogy, or all of Star Wars movies, here are the streaming links.

We also loved Bright Lights,  the recent documentary retracing Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds lives.

Find out how to retrieve these videos with our VSO Downloader

More awesome behind the scenes pictures: 

You will be missed, princess Leia!


How to stream a video (and download it), the ultimate guide!

The internet is a wonderful thing, especially when it allows access to great video content, for free! Yep,  nowadays, no need to pay for expensive cable tv or video on demand subscriptions: all new TV series or movies are available in streaming on the net!

In this quick guide I will show you the ropes to learn how to watch videos in streaming, avoid the pitfalls and retrieve the video content on your PC for playback in your own time.

Step 1: Find a great streaming website

There are quite a few video streaming websites out there, here are the ones we can recommend:

For TV shows:

For movies:

NB: These websites very often change names and url,  we will try to update the list above as often as necessary, let us know if you need alternatives.

Step 2:  Be smart

The one thing to know about streaming websites, and that is true for all of them: they’re riddled with all kinds of ads. That’s the rule of the game: you want free contents, but these websites still need revenue, so they’ll annoy you with ads. Fear not, with this warning and a little practice you’ll be able to identify and close ads and quickly download only the content that you want.

Remember: don’t fall for those pop up contents. Sometimes you’ll get a pop-up just by entering the series name in the search section!

Do not sign up for anything, install any program or believe anything those deceptive ads tell you (your pc is at risk, you need to update a plugin, a virus has been detected, etc). Also be aware that some of those pop ups display “adult content”… Simply close them as they appear, and if they won’t go away, insist!

Step 3: Find the right streaming link

Let’s use for our quick guide:

It  hosts a very comprehensive catalogue of TV series , usually the episodes are available minutes after they’re aired on TV. Select the Tv series, season and episode you want to watch.

You will get a list of hosting links:

Some of these links will yield more ads than others, and some of them will have dead links. The rule here is to insist: if one link doesn’t work, pick another one! We usually get less ads with the daclips, vidzi and openload links.

You may land on “transition” pages, asking you to wait/ click on another link, so go ahead, and always be wary that they do not lead you to pages unrelated to the video itself, or to “fake” download/watching links.

And then you’ll finally land on the actual streaming page! Yay!

 Step 4: Watch or retrieve video

If you want to download the video onto your PC, this is when you need to open our free VSO Downloader. This little tool is simply amazing as it will automatically detect and download the video in seconds onto your PC.

So now you have your VSO Downloader open, you just have to press Play on the video:

One last warning: you may have a “fake” play button or yet another ad in the middle of the video. Look for the grey X icon by the side of it to close it and make the “real” play button appear.

The video might buffer a bit or take a few seconds to actually start playing, BUT the VSO Downloader has already retrieved it : you can close the video player! Yep, no more buffering!!!

The video will be downloaded in seconds and saved in the “VSO Downloader” folder in “Documents”!

Step 5: Enjoy!!! 

Catch up on those TV series everyone ‘s talking about, get the latest episodes without spending a dime, watch the videos whenever /wherever you want (the Ultimate version includes a video converter for playback on many devices)!

No more excuses for not being up to date with the latest movies or TV shows!! And keep reading this blog (subscribe here) to get the latest info on what to watch!


Movie-inspired Halloween costumes

Every year, our Halloween costume selection is a big hit, and this year’s will not disappoint!

Check out sthese amazing movie inspired costumes that are either super cheap or even free, depending on what’s in your wardrobe!

halloween movie costumes

  1. Rocky Balboa:  because who doens’t already have some grey sweatpants, a pair of Converse and a black beanie? If you’re missing one of these items you can buy them here.

marty mcfly costume

2. Marty McFly: you may not own a Delorean, but you may have a red vest, a denim jacket and a checkered shirt lying somewhere! And in lieu of an overboard, you can always take an old skateboard with you.

harley quinn costume

3. Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. On top of a red/white baseball shirt, some shorts and fishnet stockings, you won’t need much to look like Harley quinn!  For the hair and make up, follow this tutorial.


grease halloween

4. Sandy and/or Danny from Grease. This one is for (lazy) couples! Grab an all black outfit, some high heels and /or black shoes (with white socks!!), hair gel (a lot!)  and you’re done.

edward scissorhands costume

5. Edward Scissorhands. Got a white shirt? Then just borrow some black suspenders and some pants from your grandpa ! Apply some white makeup on your face, and once you’re done, tape some (non sharp) knives to a pair of black gloves. Won’t be the ideal costume to grab a drink but you’ll be the highlight of the party!


star wars rey costume

6. Rey from Star Wars. A new classic for Halloween that only requires a long brown belt , some beige leggings and a long beige scarf.

E.T. costume

7. E.T. This “adult Elliott” costume is very easy, yet super original, providing you own a red hoody and an E.T.  printed figure which you can fit in a basket and carry around with you.

For more ideas , check out our TV series costume selection, our Game of Thrones Halloween special and our Pinterest board!