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Get ready for the Zombie apocalypse


This year for Halloween, forget the vampire, skeletons and other witch attire.

If you want to be trendy, you have no other choice than to dress up as a zombie. In fact you should totally embrace the zombie “culture”.

Follow our guide to become a zombie expert.

1. Know your zombies

Do not come out of your house until you’ve watched all of these!


The walking dead (make some time in your schedule, you have 4 seasons to catch up on)

In the flesh, a very good british series. Because the british make excellent shows. More on that in a later post.

Movies: These are classics, and not only bloody, but sometimes hilarious as well.

28 days later

Shaun of the dead

Dawn of the dead (both original and the remake)

World War Z (the latest in the genre, some purists might argue this movie is nowhere near as good as the above ones , but it stars Brad Pitt. End of the argument)

** All these movies can be downloaded legally and for free from the streaming website Viooz  and our free VSO Downloader  **


There are some great zombie books out there. You know, the thing that has pages with words written inside? Yes, a book. Grab one before they’re only sold at antique shops

Our selection:


Pride and prejudice and zombies: How to make Jane Austen more appealing, to, hum, everybody…

The Zombie Survival guide: a “must have” by zombie master max Brooks

The reapers are the angels: a great tale of zombie apocalypse

2. Don’t disappoint for Halloween:


(Some) zombies still need to eat! Be inspired with this great selection of Undead party food.

To make sure you don’t make sure you don’t make a fashion “faux pas”, here’s how to make a great zombie make-up with chewing gum!

3. Don’t stop there!

Why stop at Halloween now that you’ve done all this training and become a zombie expert?

Why not apply to the upcoming british reality TV show “I survived a zombie apocalypse” where 8 contestants will be locked into a shopping mall only populated by zombies?

You also sign up for a zombie survival course first.

Also make sure you have a zombie shelter in your garden! They don’t come cheap but they do have a 10-year warranty…





Here comes the bride

This week-end , the world saw with horror the most eligible coffee-sipping bachelor being taken off the market, leaving millions of women desperate (and angry)!

Yes, George Clooney got married in Venice (how cliché!). Apparently the wedding was OK eventhough rather uneventful.

Maybe I’ve been watching too much TV but I like my weddings surprising and if possible a little bloody.

Can you really enjoy a wedding where NOBODY gets stood up at the altar?

Remember Yang and Burke in Grey’s Anatomy?yang

Remember Ted and whatever her name in How I met your Mother?


And that poor Lady Edith in Downton Abbey ? (well he was too old for her anyway)



You mean, nuptials without any blood shed?

You wouldn’t have that in Game of Thrones, thank God!





Really, a wedding where the bride didn’t runaway and got married with another bloke on the same day??

At least  Avery and Keppner from Grey’s Anatomy, again, got that one right!


So I’m glad I wasn’t invited to that BORING wedding, since NOBODY fell off a gondola and none of his ex-girlfriends tried to crash the ceremony.

I mean, even Brad Pitt didn’t show up either.