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ConvertXtoDVD 7 license contest

We’re super excited to release our new ConvertXtoDVD 7, so let’s celebrate with a contest!!

Win one of 10 licenses by answering that simple question:

In 2004, we first released what is now ConvertXtoDVD under another name, which one was it:

A: VSO DivXConverter

B: ConvertAllMyDVDs

C: DivXtoDVD


The contest is now over! The right answer was C: DivXtoDVD!

Thanks for participating and congratulations to the 10 winners!

Create a Romantic Movie Night

Don’t have a big budget or don’t want to make a big effort on  Valentine’s Day but still want to impress your loved one? We’ve got you covered!

Here is how to create the ultimate romantic movie night in your living room!

First of all, stage your living room for the occasion and create a special atmosphere: candles, lights,  scattered red rose petals or confetti hearts sprinkles… And why not create a cozy blanket fort ?

Show how much you love her/him with a custom card, or special attentions scattered around the house:

Next, food! You can’t go wrong with a heart shaped pizza! (Simply order a regular pizza and cut a heart shape into it). Also works with burgers!!

Don’t compromise on the essential popcorn but make it special, Valentine’s way.

And finally, there’s no escaping a good old romantic movie!  Take your pick from the list below, click on the title to access the streaming website and use your VSO Downloader to download the movie onto your PC. Then use ConvertXtoDVD to convert and burn it to DVD and watch it on the big screen! (both programs have a 7 day full and free trial)


When Harry Met Sally 

Pride and Prejudice


Love Story

 Pretty Woman 

 Breakfast at Tiffany’s 

Sleepless in Seattle

Crazy, Stupid, Love 

The Notebook 

Love Actually  



Notting Hill   

And of course, don’t forget the tissues!


Win a Goldmember license!

Would you like to be the lucky owner of a Goldmember license? This license will give you unlimited access to all our software for free, for life, even for our upcoming programs not yet released!!!!

Then enter our contest and you may win one of  the 5 Goldmemberships we’re giving away!

At VSO, we do have a lot of DVD and Blu-ray players for testing purposes. And as you can see from the picture below,  we may not have the most organized and neat “plugging”system.

VSO Downloader ultimate free licence

The question is simple: there are 6 plugs on the rack. Which one connects to the player highlighted with the arrows (third down from the top)?

A, B, C, D , E or F?

The contest is now over. the right plug was E!

We’ve handpicked 5 winners that gave the correct answer and sent them a VSO Goldmembership (worth 199.99$!).

Congratulations to Adam, Jason, David, Vid and Franck!

Stay tuned for a new contest soon!



Our Christmas shopping guide!

ugly star wars sweater xmas

Yep, we’re here again to the rescue with our amazing gift guide for Christmas!

Look no further, we have everything a movie/TV fan would dream of!

star wars kite

A Star Wars kite !!! You could kill two birds in one stone: offer an X-wing kite (or Millenium falcon, or even the death star!) to your kid, and be the one playing with it in the end!!!


godfather chopping block

A Godfather shopping board! Ideal for someone who rules the kitchen!


game of thrones umbrella

Winter is coming! Make sure your loved ones are prepared with this Game Of Thrones umbrella/sword!


king kong bookends

I couldn’t find any punchline for these King Kong bookends, but they are nonetheless amazing!

vampire necklace

For the ladies vampire fans in your life, this bite necklace is to die for!


magic wand remote control

Why have a remote control, when you can turn on the TV with a Harry Potter magic wand? (no magic spells required)


darth vador socks

Offer a gift you must! Whether your friends and family have joined the Dark side or not, you can get them these Darth Vader Cape socks or the Yoda 3D ears ones!


zombie scarf

Yes, it looks gross, but zombie fans will love this  “brain” scarf!


vso license gift

And finally, along with one of our amazing software  to convert or download videos (you’ll find a “offer as a gift” option in our shopping cart), why not offer a great microwavable popcorn bucket?

popcorn microwavable bucket

Want more gift ideas? Check out this post and this one.

Also, allow yourself a great, free pre-xmas gift: subscribe to the blog and find out what’s in it for you!

Happy Holidays!


How to host a karaoke party in your living room


Did you know that hosting a Karaoke party does NOT require any special equipment or skills (apart from, maybe, a decent voice)?

Indeed, with the help of VSO programs, you’ll be singing “Dancing Queeeeeeen” in no time! Let’s get the party started!

Here is what you need:

Get the playlist together.  You can either find “ready to use” Karaoke files on the internet (these are special files called CD+G) or download all your favorite songs and the latest tracks already in Karaoke formatting from Youtube. You’ll find some good Karaoke channels with a wide selection there.

All you need to do is open our free VSO Downloader  (new version 5 supports Youtube), then play the song on Youtube: the video will be detected and downloaded onto your PC in seconds!

Put those songs onto a DVD. You’ll want to burn the karaoke videos onto a DVD discs for many reasons: they need to be displayed on a big screen for easy to read lyrics display, and you’ll need a menu for easy track selection. And a DVD disc is also great for passing along for the next party! This is why you ‘ll use our ConvertXtoDVD to convert and burn the videos. Simply open the program, add all your videos (max 99!), select the great DVD menu we’ve created just for karaoke compilations (see below).

If you have CDG files, then you’ll need to use our ConvertXtoVideo to be able to convert them to DVD.

Finally, click “convert”, insert a blank DVD and you’re done! Your DVD will play on any DVD player.

And guess what, the program is free for 7 days, so you don’t even have to break the bank!

karaoke dvd

You can plug in a microphone into your TV, but you may not need one if you’re not entertaining a big crowd.

Ready ? Let’s sing: “My heart will go oooooon and ooooon….”